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Article By: Mark Mead Baillie
Let’s wrap with our assessment of Q1 Earnings Season.  As just ended “by the calendar”, for the S&P 500 — which also set a record high on Thursday at 5325 — we count 439 constituents having reported. 
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Article By: Michele Schneider
We are in a positive investment period for stocks and commodities. While the market is rotating between different sectors (Technology to Utilities as an example), there are some existing undervalued areas that remain attractive.
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Article By: readtheticker
Things have changed in 2024, both Biden and Trump camps realize that Bitcoin capital gains help keep the US government afloat. Trump is now a fan!
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Article By: Crypto Adventure
XRP transactions overall climbed by 108% in the first quarter of 2024. The $2 billion penalty that the SEC has suggested for XRP sales is something Ripple objects to.
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Article By: Christopher Lewis
The German index initially tried to rally during the week but gave back gains as we continue to see a little bit of noise in general.
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Article By: Mish Shedlock
I’m all in favor of hydrogen-powered plants to produce electricity if only we had cheap hydrogen. But we don’t and likely won’t.
Video By: Frano Grgic
Today you will see PALLADIUM price prediction based on the technical analysis. What is the support and resistance on the daily time frame for XPDUSD. What to expect where the price will breakout for the XPDUSD based on the supply and demand zones.
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Article By: Menzie Chinn
The SPF year ahead for May is at 2.51%, slightly above the 2.45% that I estimate is consistent with a 2% PCE. Interestingly, with median unit cost growth back at roughly April 2018 levels, there’s little evidence of a wage-price spiral.
Article By: Invezz
ZIM Integrated stock price is doing well as investors wait for more clarity on dividends when the company publishes its financial results on Tuesday. It has jumped for two consecutive weeks and is hovering at its highest level since April 2023.
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Article By: Angry Bear
This report dropped into my email box a day or so ago. It hits upon a topic which has plagued big cities since before I was a child. Early-on in Chicago, urban renewal was the thought to be the right idea and the wrong concept.


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