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What’s Next For The Highly Correlated Assets Of Gold And DXY?
Article By: Joe Perry
Thursday, December 1, 2022 5:51 PM EST
As long as this correlation holds, traders can get clues as to where gold may be headed based on the direction of the DXY.
In this article: GLD, UUP
Jobs Report Caps A Volatile Week: What To Expect
Video By: TheoTrade
Thursday, December 1, 2022 5:40 PM EST
Friday morning will give us the monthly "Jobs Report" or Non-Farm Payrolls and any major surprise could once again move markets as we saw this week.
In this video: CRM, GLD, IEF, OIL, TLT, SPX, DJI
Stocks And Precious Metals Charts - Winter Is Coming - Non-Farm Payrolls Tomorrow
Article By: Jesse's Cafe Americain
Thursday, December 1, 2022 5:29 PM EST
Gold and silver rallied quite significantly, going out on the highs. Stocks themselves traded a bit weakly, although the VIX continued to drop, giving up the 20 handle.
In this article: GLD, SLV, UUP, NDX, SPX, VIX
Gold Gets A Lift From Powell
Article By: Anna Coulling
Thursday, December 1, 2022 5:01 PM EST
An update on the weekly chart for gold.
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Gold’s Role In The International System
Article By: GoldCore
Thursday, December 1, 2022 1:49 PM EST
In a world where money is devalued every second and governments are scrambling to stay afloat, it’s worth holding some assets outside of the increasingly tenuous financial system.
In this article: GLD
Since The Silver Market Soared, Has A Top Already Formed?
Article By: Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA
Thursday, December 1, 2022 8:12 AM EST
Silver outperformed gold in quite an impressive way. However, can this really be considered bullish, or was it in fact just a correction?
In this article: SLV Also: GLD
Stocks And Precious Metals Charts - Powell's Sweet Nothings
Article By: Jesse's Cafe Americain
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 5:28 PM EST
Gold and silver and stocks rallied hard. The Dollar slumped.
In this article: GLD, SLV, UUP, NDX, SPX, VIX
Is Silver A Good Buy In December 2022?
Article By: Invezz
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 2:24 PM EST
Silver price has advanced from its recent lows below $20, and we could see even higher prices in the days ahead if the Fed slows the pace of interest rate increases.
In this article: SLV
Stocks, Gold And Oil - Technical Analysis
Video By: Gary Savage
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 12:13 PM EST
A review of the stock market, gold, and oil markets.
In this video: GDX, GLD, IYT, OIL, UUP, SPX
Is Gold’s Outlook Bearish Given All The Factors Affecting It?
Video By: Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 11:26 AM EST
The GDXJ, the stock market, silver, and USDX are possible factors affecting the gold price. Is there anything new that can be read from the charts?
In this video: GDXJ, GLD, UUP, SPX
Silver Looking Good, Will Become Great Once Stocks Confirm Their Bullish Trend
Article By: Taki Tsaklanos
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 8:05 AM EST
Silver will become a great market if stocks continue their bullish trend in 2023.
In this article: SLV, SPX
Australian Stock Report, Wednesday, Nov. 30
Video By: Peter Mathers
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 6:00 AM EST
ASX200 Market Summary: Banks to push a little higher and resources to also move higher, a top is very close...
In this video: RIO, XAU, NEM Also: FXA
Gold Price (XAU/USD) Edgy As Short-Dated US Yields Rise Ahead Of Fed Speech
Article By: Nick Cawley
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 5:38 AM EST
The precious metal is stuck in a holding pattern, waiting for Fed chair Jerome Powell’s speech on the Economy, Inflation, and the Labor Market, later in the session.
In this article: GLD, SHY
Two Trades To Watch: EUR/GBP, Gold - Wednesday, Nov. 30
Article By: Fiona Cincotta
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 5:15 AM EST
EUR/GBP rises ahead of Eurozone inflation. Gold rises ahead of US data & Powell’s speech.
In this article: FXE, FXB, GLD
Intraday Market Analysis – USD Sees Some Support, Wednesday, Nov. 30
Article By: Orbex
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 4:01 AM EST
The Swiss franc weakened after the Q3 GDP fell short of expectations. A tentative break below last August’s low of 0.9380 further put the bulls on the defensive.
In this article: XAU Also: FXC, FXF
Gold Price Forecast: Gold Bounce Continues, Crude Oil Tries To Set Support
Article By: James Stanley
Tuesday, November 29, 2022 5:34 PM EST
Gold prices are working on their strongest month of performance since July of 2020, which was just before Gold set it’s all-time-high.
In this article: GLD, OIL, UCO
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