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Real Data Revealed: Unmasking Economic Revisions' Impact
Video By: TheoTrade
Thursday, June 8, 2023 4:28 PM EDT
A discussion about economic revisions and how they show the true state of the economy and how the revisions are both justifying more rate hikes while also signaling a shift in consumer spending.
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'Stocks To Suffer' As Cost Of Capital Rises But Earnings Fall
Video By: Wealthion
Thursday, June 8, 2023 4:00 PM EDT
Wave of mandatory debt issuance in the coming months could prove much more disruptive than investors are prepared for given today's adverse macro environment.
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These States Are In A Recession
Video By: Eric Basmajian
Thursday, June 8, 2023 3:00 PM EDT
When it comes to gauging the economy's movement into or out of a recession, it's important to understand that it's a gradual process rather than an abrupt event.
Initial Unemployment Claims Surge By 28,000 To A Post-Pandemic High Of 261,000
Article By: Mish Shedlock
Thursday, June 8, 2023 2:48 PM EDT
Ignoring the pandemic years and recovery, initial claims are the highest since 264,000 on September 23, 2017.
Germany And Ireland Officially Tip Eurozone Economy Into Recession
Article By: The Tokenist
Thursday, June 8, 2023 12:32 PM EDT
On an annual basis, the eurozone's economy saw a contraction of 0.4% in Q1 2023.
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Hungarian Budget Posts Lowest May Deficit In Years
Article By: ING Economics
Thursday, June 8, 2023 10:50 AM EDT
Hungary’s budget has followed last year’s trajectory so far, with April’s surprisingly bad release being followed by surprisingly good deficit data in May.
Initial And Continuing Claims: Yellow Caution Flag Reinstated
Article By: New Deal Democrat
Thursday, June 8, 2023 10:40 AM EDT
Initial claims rose sharply last week, up 28,000 to 261,000. The 4-week average rose 7,500 to 237,250, still lower than its April peak. Continuing claims, with a one-week delay, declined from -37,000 to 1.757 million.
World Bank: Global Economic Growth Expected To Slow To 2008 Levels
Article By: SchiffGold
Thursday, June 8, 2023 10:30 AM EDT
Most people in the mainstream concede that the economy is heading for a recession, but the consensus seems to be that downturn will be short and shallow. Projections by the World Bank undercut that optimism.
Markets Eye CPI, Central Bank Bonanza
Article By: Fawad Razaqzada
Thursday, June 8, 2023 10:00 AM EDT
The US dollar index came under renewed pressure on Thursday after Jobless Claims jumped, but clearly, investors are not in a hurry to bet the farm on any major FX trends, with big events taking place in the week ahead.
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Japan' Q1 GDP Was Revised Up, While The Eurozone's Was Revised Down
Article By: Marc Chandler
Thursday, June 8, 2023 8:27 AM EDT
Japan revised Q1 GDP to 2.7% annualized from 1.6%. The revision was driven by stronger business spending, which was signaled by stronger-than-expected capital spending.
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Hawkish Risks Into FOMC
Article By: James Harte
Thursday, June 8, 2023 7:50 AM EDT
On the back of surprise rate hikes from the RBA and BOC this week, traders are mulling the prospect of the Fed opting to retain a hawkish stance at the upcoming FOMC.
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Eurozone In Technical Recession After All
Article By: ING Economics
Thursday, June 8, 2023 7:37 AM EDT
The latest revisions of the GDP figure for the first quarter resulted in a 0.1% drop. That makes for a second decline in a row.
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Developing Trends For U.S. Teen Employment Going Into The Summer Of 2023
Article By: Ironman
Thursday, June 8, 2023 7:25 AM EDT
The month of May is a time of transition for working teens in the U.S. The school year is ending or is about to. Thousands of employers across the country are ramping up their hiring activity to support their busy summer season.
Why Consumption Has Been Sustained
Article By: Menzie Chinn
Thursday, June 8, 2023 6:45 AM EDT
The permanent income hypothesis in its RatEx-no liquidity constraint version says that consumption will adjust upward fully in response to a windfall.
First Mistake Is Being Impatient With A Banking Crisis; Second Is Not Paying Attention To China
Video By: Jeffrey P. Snider
Thursday, June 8, 2023 6:30 AM EDT
Central banks in Australia and Canada ended their short rate hikes, interest rates pause, ignoring the global recession risks China just reminded everyone about for their own inflation biases.
Stubborn Inflation And Excess Demand Spook The Bank Of Canada
Article By: Dr. Duru
Thursday, June 8, 2023 6:15 AM EDT
The Bank of Canada tackled stubborn inflation with an interest rate hike, reflecting a global trend.
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