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Article By: Crypto Adventure
The crypto market has still been under the overpowering control of the bears. This is visible in the steady devaluation of all assets, big and small. In fact, with very few exceptions, most cryptocurrencies have been trading in the red.
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Article By: Daily Forex
The news is dominated by last week’s 0.75% rate hike and hawkish outlook from the Fed, which produced a strengthening of risk-off sentiment and saw a strong flow into the US dollar from other currencies, as well as from stock and commodity markets.
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Some companies will prosper if inflation and rising interest rates persist longer then we expect. One that could prosper more than most is Ares Capital Corp.
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Article By: Taki Tsaklanos
The US dollar created havoc in the markets. Investors went in ‘risk-off’ mode and stocks were hit hard, but commodities were hit harder. Meanwhile, the US dollar has been hitting the top of its 2022 rising channel, a point that may come with relief.
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Article By: Cory Mitchell, CMT
Market conditions are currently poor. All the indices had a rough week. From a price action perspective, all the indices are in short-term downtrends amid a longer-term downtrend.
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Article By: Zachary Storella
The COT precious metals speculator bets were higher overall this week, as three out of the five metals markets we cover had higher positioning this week while the other two markets had lower contracts.
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Article By: Tyler Durden
Friday was a bad day for stocks, and while S&P 500 futures managed to stage a tiny end-of-day bounce to avoid sliding below the 2022 June closing low of 3,666, one can only describe Friday's action as a crash.
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Article By: Daily Forex
Last week was dominated by relative strength in the US dollar and the Swiss franc, as well as relative weakness in the British pound, the New Zealand dollar, and the euro.
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Article By: Tickeron
A security pattern traces the distinct movements of security prices that, once recognized, help traders to make informed trading decisions. Here is a closer look at some financial stock opportunities that may be revealed by analyzing these patterns.
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Stocks of acquisition-minded companies trade at what I call a “show me” discount: Whatever promises management makes, operating numbers will have to show it before the price will rise. That’s the experience for owners of Algonquin Power & Utilities.
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Ultra U.S. Treasury Bonds #COT net speculator positions dropped by -19,316 contracts in latest...

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