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Article By: Fredrik Arnold
Eisai Co Ltd has paid variable Semi-Annual dividends increasing since June 2010. ESAIY’s most recent SA dividend, paid June 12 to shareholders of record March 30th, was $0.14.
Article By: Lorimer Wilson
Six tobacco and beer companies with major investments in the cannabis sector comprise our Conservative Cannabis index. We sum up their results for last week, last month and year-to-date.
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Article By: Yohay Elam
The yen recovered as concerns about intervention persisted. US Treasury yields dropped from multi-year highs overnight. Core inflation slowed for the third consecutive month in Japan’s capital.
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Article By: Elliottwave Forecast
Discover Financial Services (DFS) provides digital banking products & services, & payment services in United States. It operates through two segments – Digital banking & Payment services.
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Article By: FXStreet
Gold price loses traction below the $1,850 mark as the US Dollar (USD) resumes its upward path. The annual Core PCE Price Index grew 3.9% vs. 4.3% prior. The US passed bills to prevent a government shutdown following Friday's session.
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Article By: Daily Forex
The US dollar index continued its surge last week as investors moved to its safety. The index jumped to a high of $106.8, the highest level since November last year.
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Article By: Robert Rapier
After dropping below $70 a barrel (bbl) in early summer, the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude has been steadily marching higher.
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Article By: Mish Shedlock
Small business bankruptcies are at a much higher pace than any year since the Covid pandemic.
Article By: Tyler Durden
Buyers of physical oil across the planet are experiencing an acute supply shortage and are facing some of the highest premiums for supplies they’ve seen in months as plunging stocks at the largest US crude storage hub send shockwaves cross markets.
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Article By: Mike Swanson
I haven’t been writing much about the stock market in the past few weeks, because nothing important has happened.
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