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Article By: FerdiS
Realty Income recently increased its monthly dividend by 0.19%, from 26.25 cents to 26.30 cents per share. The dividend will be paid on July 15 to shareholders of record on July 1.
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With the release of the Philadelphia Fed early benchmark, we have the 12-month changes in employment (000’s) from different sources. Let's take a look.
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For now I am expecting that the price will drop down even more around 9755 on the daily and the weekly timeframe and after that we will see what happens around this support level.
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In this video, I discuss the divergence seen between the Nasdaq and the rest of the market. This isn't a big deal if you stick with the market leaders.
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Article By: Monica Kingsley
For all the market breadth warning signs, the bull run in equities isn‘t over, it would be premature to turn bearish just here.
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Article By: Tyler Durden
Junk food maker Mondelez International remains optimistic that cocoa prices will drop at some point next year despite a global shortage sparked by adverse weather conditions in West Africa.
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Article By: Colorado Wealth Management Fund
Our readers have been submitting questions about Realty Income; here we address as many as possible.
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Inflation cooled for the second straight month in May, the US labor market seems back to pre-pandemic levels, and the economy is expanding at a low but steady pace. In such an environment, ASML Holding NV may look appealing.
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Currently for me this is not an engulfing bullish candle but it is a bullish breakout which is an indication for a further rise in value.
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Article By: Joshua Gibson
The Canadian dollar managed a thin recovery on Friday, as it gained ground against most of its currency peers and clawed back a scant tenth of a percent against the US dollar. Market sentiment continued to drag throughout Friday's US session.
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Good read, thanks.

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