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Article By: Peter Schiff
Everybody knew that the Federal Reserve wasn’t going to hike rates at the September FOMC meeting. And yet everybody waited with bated breath to hear what Jerome Powell would say.
Article By: Marc Chandler
The US dollar begins the new week on a firm note. It is trading at new highs for the year against the Japanese yen and is bid against nearly all the G10 currencies, though the Swedish krona and Canadian dollar are resisting the greenback's push.
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Article By: Monica Kingsley
S&P 500 staged a dead cat bounce following Thuursday‘s slide, and so did yields retreating a bit.
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Article By: Yohay Elam
Fed officials issued warnings on Friday regarding the likelihood of future rate hikes. Markets estimate a roughly 21% chance of a 25-basis-point Fed rate hike in November. Data indicated 0.3% growth in Canadian retail sales in July compared to June.
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Article By: Peter Mathers
In summary, the USD/CAD Elliott Wave Analysis on 25 September 23, suggests that the market is in a corrective phase, with a focus on the second wave (wave 2) of a likely zigzag pattern.
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Article By: Greg Feirman
This week a number of stocks I follow report earnings: United Foods (UNFI), Costco (COST), Micron (MU), Carmax (KMX) and Nike (NKE​​​​​​​). In this blog, I’ll preview the first two.
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Article By: Christopher Lewis
While long-term prospects for gold appear promising amid ongoing market uncertainties, short-term fluctuations are likely to persist.
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Article By: Ironman
The S&P 500 (SPX) was rocked by the outcome of the Federal Reserve's two day meeting ending on Wednesday, 21 September 2023. The index dropped 2.9% from the previous week's close to end the week at a level of 4320.06.
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Article By: James Harte
GBP remains the weakest among the G10 FX bloc as we start the new week. Sentiment in the Pound has undergone a significant shift in recent weeks with GBP now the worst performer across Q3 as a whole.
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Article By: Paban Pandey
The sell-side just bumped up estimates for S&P 600 operating earnings for both this year and next. The Russell 2000 does not give a hoot. Small-caps act weak – much weaker than large-caps.
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ALERT! 09/25/23 Broad Market Forecast: Go To: The SP 500 and Nasdaq 100 have now hit my last week's downside forecast of the SP500 support at 4345.59 to 4335.64, and the Nasdaq 100 support at 14772.36 to 14726.59. The chance and forecast this week for a strong and long downward move in the broad market indices is greater than ever now. The new downward forecasts and price supports for the SP500 4223.75 to 4215.27, 4133.74 to 4124.21, 3978.44 to 3968.33 and the Nasdaq 100 14222.60 to 14183.49, 13837.11 to 13803.59, 12938.44 to 12724.24.

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