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Article By: Mad Genius Economics
Something is wrong with a system that guarantees students can take loans to pay for college, yet 25% of loans risk going into default or actually do default.
Article By: Elliottwave Forecast
The next logical swing target for the yellow metal is to retest the 2018 high at the $1360 area.
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Article By: Modest Money
The company is fundamentally strong with good valuations. However, slowing revenue growth is a concern.
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Article By: The Daily Marijuana Observer
Here are some of the marijuana stock winners in trading Wednesday, by percentage change at least.
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Article By: TheoTrade
2019 earnings are very interesting because of the effect comparisons will have on growth. It’s very important to differentiate between actual bad earnings and weak earnings growth rates caused by tough comparisons.
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Article By: Marc Lichtenfeld
IBM has come under a lot of heat from Wall Street. The stock is viewed as a dinosaur by some investors. I think they’re misinformed.
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Article By: Gary Gordon
Since 2008, allocating abroad has been an exercise in futility. Whereas the U.S. market has experienced admirable total return gains, non-U.S. equities have netted next to nothing for 11 years.
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Article By: Michael J. Kramer
Copper prices continue to surge and today’s move higher puts the metal on the cusp of a big breakout should it rise above $2.91, placing it on a course to $3.01.
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Article By: Michele Schneider
With concerns over China and global growth, the Fed took a dovish stance in today’s released FOMC minutes. They want to exercise patience to see what the U.S. economy has in store for the second half of 2019.
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Article By: Tim Ord
The bullish percent index measures the percentage of stocks that are on point and figure buy signals. Recently the Bullish percent index jumped from 37.04% to 40.74% to today’s 44.44%.
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Elliottwave Forecast
$SB_F The next extreme area from the lows comes at 16.03-18.71 where sellers should be waiting to appear again $SB_F The next extreme area from the lows comes at 16.03-18.71 where sellers should be waiting to appear again #Elliottwave #Trading #Sugar less
Michele Schneider
MissD_Dallas Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Elliottwave Forecast
$SB_F cycle from 2011 peak is having incomplete structure to the downside favor sell in rallies more
Elliottwave Forecast
Daily Market Overview + 1 hour Asia commentary for Group 1 instruments have been updated at… more
Logical Invest
Scammed by banks? Treasury Hedge from Logical Invest #investing #tradi...

Elliottwave Forecast
$USDPLN buyers in control as October high breaks. Read the full analysis here

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