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Amazon Promises Better AI for Alexa
Dan Jackson 9/24/2023 2:53:20 PM

Can’t wait to actually see it. My kids love Alexa. Hard to imagine the ai will do much to pump the $AMZN stock price as if now. Hopefully just a correction from last weeks meltdown.

Cloud Stocks: Amazon Focused On Expanding Fulfillment With Buy With Prime
Samantha Carter 2/12/2023 10:39:30 PM

This is a great idea. I'm always impressed with #Amazon's abillity to innovate, while simultaneously leveraging it's strengths. Should bode well for $AMZN.

ISM Services Plunges 6.9 Points Into Contraction, Another Recession Warning
Jack F. Dawson 1/9/2023 3:37:17 PM

$AMZN will reach 89-92 before it crashes down. We will be green Monday before any retracement. I look forward to shorting AMZN at the top and watching it go down. That’s the strategy and targets that will work.

ISM Services Plunges 6.9 Points Into Contraction, Another Recession Warning
Seeking Alpha Reader 1/9/2023 3:36:08 PM

Enjoy incoming crash today and beyond 2023+ $dia $qqq $spy $aapl $amzn and many more 🐻❤😈 Bearish.

5 Retailers Helping To Lower The Cost Of Prescription Drugs
Adam Reynolds 10/7/2022 2:42:15 AM

I thought #Amazon was getting into the prescription drug space. Amazon always manages to get rock bottom pricing.  $AMZN.

Will Amazon Stocks Regain?
Corey Gaber 7/18/2022 12:24:44 PM

#Amazon is still a safe bet in my book.  $AMZN is not going anywhere but up over the longterm.


"Nasty Squeeze" On Deck: Last Week's Shorting By Hedge Funds Was "The Second Largest Ever"
Craig Newman 6/20/2022 1:38:50 AM

ROTFLMAO, Fraud St and cronies unregulated manipulation stock markets fell last week and more for valid reasons. Rest assured we ain't seen nothing yet 🐻❤🤑😈✔ $F $SYF $TSLA $AAPL $AMZN and more... enjoy the Armageddon Depression.

Amazon Is Doing Something It Hasn't Done In Over 20 Years
Kurt Benson 6/7/2022 8:13:09 PM

Nice. I've been a fan of $AMZN for a very long time!

Amazon Stock Saves The Stock Market
Jason Green 2/7/2022 10:22:36 PM

If one stock saves the stock market, then there is something very wrong with the stock market. $AMZN 🤷🏼‍♂️

AMZN Saves The Market
Andrew Armstrong 2/4/2022 2:07:17 PM

No one stock can save the stock market of course. But yes would have been worse without.  $AMZN.

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