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Top Tech Stock News: 7 Things You Missed This Week - Friday, Sept. 20
Article By: Beth Kindig Friday, September 20, 2019 10:36 AM EDT
A review of tech stock news for the week ending September 20, 2019.
Stocks Are Gearing Up To Rise On September 12
Article By: Michael J. Kramer Thursday, September 12, 2019 9:31 AM EDT
The S&P 500 futures are rising this morning on news that President Trump will delay the next round of tariffs by two weeks.
In this article: FXE, JJC, SPY, FCX, NVDA, AMZN, ROKU
8 Monster Stock Market Predictions For The Week Of September 9
Article By: Michael J. Kramer Sunday, September 8, 2019 2:15 PM EDT
The week of September 9 will be a busy one for the markets with the ECB announcement on Thursday. It is widely expected that the ECB will cut the deposit rate by ten basis points which could provide a significant tailwind to the equity market.
In this article: AMD, AMZN, CSCO, INTC, NVDA, SPY, BABA, JD, FCX
Stocks Are Set To Surge As The Global Break Out Enters Day 2
Article By: Michael J. Kramer Thursday, September 5, 2019 9:29 AM EDT
Markets are rising on the hopes of a thawing trade war between the US and China as both sides agree to meet in October.
In this article: EWJ, SPY, AAPL, SPX, AMZN, CSCO, MU, TWTR
The Bull Rides Again As Global Stocks Break Out From Summer Doldrums
Article By: Michael J. Kramer Wednesday, September 4, 2019 8:50 AM EDT
Stocks in Asia jumped following on headlines that HK is withdrawing the extradition bill that sparked the protest in months ago.
In this article: EWH, EWY, EWG, FXI, SPY, AAPL, AMZN, MU, TSLA, UDN
A Glass Half Full Or Glass Half Empty – The Fate Of The Stock Market
Article By: Michael J. Kramer Tuesday, September 3, 2019 4:42 PM EDT
The three-ring circus continues with the S&P 500 on September 3 refilling a gap from last week.
In this article: GE, ALXN, AMZN, MSFT, SPX, SQ
Wozniak: Time To Split Up Apple, Other Tech Monopolies
Article By: Tyler Durden Sunday, September 1, 2019 4:16 PM EDT
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says it's time to break up big tech monopolies - including Apple, Facebook and Google. According to The Woz, these tech titans are abusing their powers to crush companies in other markets.
In this article: AAPL, AMZN, MSFT, GOOGL
8 Monster Stock Market Predictions For The Week Of August 26
Article By: Michael J. Kramer Sunday, August 25, 2019 2:21 PM EDT
Stocks will be on the move again this week. Monday is likely the day that sets the tone for the rest of the week. The significant level of to watch will come at the 2825 level for S&P 500, with a break of that level sending the index sharply lower.
In this article: AMD, BAC, AMZN, MU, SPY, FB, JD, BABA
Retail Sales’ Amazon Pick-Up
Article By: Jeffrey P. Snider Saturday, August 24, 2019 10:16 PM EDT
What happens from here on is a matter of how the rest of the economy continues to react to “overseas turmoil” and the growing recession in the goods economy.
In this article: AMZN Also: XRT
5 Monster Stocks To Watch For Wednesday, August 21
Article By: Michael J. Kramer Wednesday, August 21, 2019 4:32 AM EDT
There is the possibility we continue to drift lower on today, as the index works its way towards 2890, in an attempt to refill a gap.
In this article: AMD, JD, BAC, AMZN, SRPT Also: FXI, SPY, VXX
6 Monster Stock Market Predictions For The Week Of August 19
Article By: Michael J. Kramer Sunday, August 18, 2019 5:04 PM EDT
The most critical headline won’t come until Friday when Jay Powell will speak at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium. It could make this one of the biggest weeks of the year, and again help to shape the longer-term direction for the market.
In this article: AMD, AMZN, NFLX, NVDA, TSLA, SPY
Here's What The Street Is Saying As Retail Earnings Heat Up
Article By: Benzinga Saturday, August 17, 2019 7:06 PM EDT
What shape is the consumer in? As earnings season starts to heat up, here is a summary of how some of the top retail analysts and experts answered these pressing questions and more.
In this article: M, TGT, WMT, AMZN
EC Retail Earnings In Focus
Article By: Sheraz Mian Saturday, August 17, 2019 4:53 PM EDT
The earnings focus remains on the Retail sector, where we have already seen conflicting releases from two bellwethers in the space – Wal-Mart and Macy’s. A host of others are on deck.
In this article: KSS, M, TGT, WMT, AMZN, JWN
Stocks Are Set To Rise On August 16 After A Grueling Week
Article By: Michael J. Kramer Friday, August 16, 2019 9:26 AM EDT
So at least for the moment stocks are pointing to a higher opening on August 16.
In this article: NVDA, SPY, AMD, AAPL, AMZN, MU
Traditional Retail Is Far From Dead
Article By: Sheraz Mian Friday, August 16, 2019 2:00 AM EDT
We have two conflicting reads on the health of the traditional retail space in the last two days.
In this article: JWN, KSS, M, WMT, AMZN
Thrilling Thursday – Markets Yanked Around By Every Rumor
Article By: Phil Davis Thursday, August 15, 2019 5:22 PM EDT
At the moment, the Dow (/YM) Futures are up 200 points after being down over 100 points. The downturn was caused by China threatening to escalate the trade war (yet again).
In this article: WMT, AMZN, SPX
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