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End Of Day Financial Video For June 11
Article By: Ira Epstein
Friday, June 11, 2021 11:19 PM EDT
Looking at today's stock, energy and currency markets.
June 11th Memory Lane
Article By: Bespoke Investment Group
Friday, June 11, 2021 10:19 AM EDT
As the S&P 500 continues to trade in a relatively sideways range with a slow drift higher, we thought it would be interesting to look at years where the market saw its largest single-day gains and losses on this date in history.
In this article: SPX, VIX
S&P 500 Forecast: Continues To March Higher
Article By: Christopher Lewis
Friday, June 11, 2021 5:48 AM EDT
The S&P 500 has initially pulled back during the trading session on Thursday to reach down towards the 4200 level, as the numbers were coming out.
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Inflation Day
Article By: Bespoke Investment Group
Thursday, June 10, 2021 9:19 AM EDT
Wednesday marked the fourth straight day that the S&P 500 traded to within 0.15% of its record high but came up short each time.
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S&P 500 Forecast: Continues To Sit At Highs
Article By: Christopher Lewis
Thursday, June 10, 2021 8:59 AM EDT
The S&P 500 is essentially sitting at the all-time highs at the market has done nothing during the trading session on Wednesday.
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Stocks See A Massive Options Induced Rally On May 20
Barry Glassman 5/21/2021 12:28:37 AM

$SPX price : 4,132.38 || Change +25.38.

Gold And Stock Bulls Are Getting Ready
Monica Kingsley 3/15/2021 4:33:36 PM

Stocks are meandering today amid non-disruptive outside #markets - smallcaps and emerging markets say so too. Weaker HYG isn't about to pull $SPX down, and talking downswings, I'm not looking for one to start in the metals, in spite of earlier selling into strength. The gold, silver and miners upswing is still unfolding.

Why the Sky Is Not Falling in Precious Metals
Monica Kingsley 2/19/2021 4:32:47 PM

What a great day! I hope you didn't give in the bearish sentiment in gold and silver, and paid attention to what I have been writing in the last days - check out especially Wed and Thu articles here. Good start for gold today - and silver just keeps running! If you took me up on the silver-gold spread trade idea introduced on Feb 12, you needn't be worried about even the yellow metal now...

As for the S&P 500, I nailed the stock market's shallow correction again - here we go with another open profitable trade in a row. Number 3 this year, without a single loser. Besides the credit market clues, did you notice the telling lower knots on the $SPX chart?

Or what about yet another dollar downswing, whose topping process on Feb 08 - just check my articles' library here for evidence!

Enjoy today's full analysis, and in advance - have a great weekend everyone!

Happy 8th Birthday Bull Market! Has The S&P 500 Become Dangerously Overvalued?
Kurt Benson 3/10/2017 6:13:17 PM

I agree with your call for caution. It's too easy to get caught up in a #bullmarket without looking at the bigger picture. $SPX

3 Things: Negative Revisions, Balance Sheet Rot, “Bre-lief” Rally
Louis Jackson 6/30/2016 3:21:41 PM

The relief rally has ended up being much more powerful and forceful than I imagined. I had to stop put of my SPXS shares as $SPX has gone vertical. It's hard to see this rally having many more legs, though. But if I have learned anything lately, it's that absolutely anything can happen.

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