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Why Inflation Trades Have Further To Run
S&P 500 ran out of steam shortly after Friday‘s open, yet caught fire before the close.
Inflation Bets – Squaring Or Not
S&P 500 shook off another record-making inflation reading, and bond markets couldn‘t be happier. Volatility is back down, but the option traders turned cautious.
Inflation Storm Coming
S&P 500 going nowhere, repelling selling pressure concentrated to value as tech mostly defended the daily ground – that‘s a fair summary of the stock market going into today‘s CPI.
Risk Off Markets, Seriously?
S&P 500 hard at work erasing that early bear raid, but the bulls managed to stage a comeback.
One Last Hooray Before CPI?
S&P 500 bears shouldn‘t expect too much success, for credit markets are likely to support the upswing while value pares yesterday‘s losses.
Where Next In The Taper Drama
S&P 500 duly rose on the little weaker than expected non-farm payrolls as the taper theme (start of discussions moving to serious contemplation) got dialed back.


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Stocks And Gold – Hot And Hotter
1 month ago

A very prescient title...

European session update: we got some more SPX and XLK buying to top the daily reversal off. At the top of the recent consolidation range, new ATHs are once again in sight. As for metals, needless to say they extended gains... who would have throught but the bulls who did their homework...

The Tax Plan To Slay The Stock Bull?
1 month ago

Gold ignores the stocks and commodities upswing? How come that even silver is down today, and more so than the yellow metal? Seems odd and weak, especially since USD is tanking as I had been calling for. GDX and copper say - don't worry:

(you can see the chart within my status updates, just posted)

Have a great weekend!

The Curious Staircase Rally In Stocks
2 months ago

Today's HYG session is a really weak one, and HYG:SHY ratio isn't naturally saving the day --> looks like a case of short-term non-confirmation in the making. Meanwhile, $TLT recovered daily losses much to XLK's liking --> SPX rally's internals are unchanged. The eye catching performance is seen in GDX - keeping the precious metals upswing alive.

In advance, have a nice weekend!

Will April Showers Bring May Flowers?
2 months ago

That's right, some industries and companies are affected by various sources of seasonality apart from weather. Combining these with strong technical and fundamental analytical approach can selectively improve one's results. Knowing where the indices, sectors are going and why is the first step, taking care of the company risk and considering seasonality effects comes then.

In this article: SPX
On The Verge Of Stocks Pullback
2 months ago

Another daily SPX sideways move, this time accompanied by wavering HYG. How long before the bears pluck up some courage, and start selling? Not that I do expect them to get really far, but still - the Fed minutes were (predictably) a non-event... Note also the dollar turning up, and compare that to the TLT yields.

S&P 500 Fireworks And Gold Going Stronger
2 months ago

Stocks keep doing great, in line with expectations - but taking a momentary rest. Strong euphoria on infrastructure bill anticipation, hold on to your hats, and I mean it both ways - protection. Precious metals doing reasonably good, and GDX leading, copper strongly up, yields not so. Solid intraday miners outperformance. Patience is still key in this market though.

Hope you had a nice Easter weekend!

Liquidity Boost For Stocks And Gold?
2 months ago

Stocks are turning higher from the liquidity push early in the session, and it's the defensives that are getting the shorter end of the stick at the moment - yes, that includes tech. Value keeps the high ground, and gold miners are attempting some intraday resilience in spite of the metals' plunge.

Why It‘s Reasonable To Be Bullish Stocks And Gold
2 months ago

So far so (not good but) great in stocks while gold is merely gently peeking higher. Miners are still bidding their time even as inflation trades all around are running hot today on unconvincing TLT performance.

If I don't post another update, enjoy your weekend everyone!

Risk-Off Is Back Again
2 months ago

The morning retreat in stocks has quite receded - would it turn into a bear trap? XLK at least stabilized on the day and VTV is at work erasing earlier losses. Value can be counted upon to be the coming upleg driver once again. Further positive sign is HYG having reversed higher as well.

Treasury yields turned higher on the day, and the miners to gold ratio still looks bearish. Gold has been though remarkably resilient, and silver erased quite some intraday losses. Oil and copper continue being worrying. Precious metals mixed, but time appears working to the bulls' benefit (weeks ahead view).

Dangerous Game Of Chicken
2 months ago

Today dealt us a turn in gold, silver and miners, and it's not a bullish one. The only responsible course of action is to recognize that downswing as having put a stop to the Mar 08 bottom recovery. There is quite some room to go down on the weekly chart - see my status update in the feed, posted this moment.

In this article: HYG, SPX, XLK, GDX, GLD, SLV, JJC, SIL, XLF, XLU, TLT
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