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Monica Kingsley is a trader and financial markets analyst, daily self-publishing extensive free stock market and precious metals analyses with trade calls. Always checking dozens of charts, she integrates their messages with economics, in-depth experience and studies in market ... more


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Gold Unleashed – Rip Your Face Off Rally Is Here
S&P 500 had another day in the red, and buy the dippers might be tempted to say enough is enough – but I am not convinced yet.
Gold Reversal? Have No Fear!
The S&P 500 consolidation is here, and is a shallow one just as anticipated. The risk-off moves were evident across the board yesterday, and might very well not be over just yet (when looked at from a larger than daily perspective).
Pausing Stocks And Gold Fireworks
The daily S&P 500 consolidation looms, but will be a buying opportunity – not a sign of a market top. If you disliked the staircase climb for offering precious few opportunities to join without a discounted entry, your time is approaching.
Gold Fireworks Doubt The Official Inflation Story
The S&P 500 red candle and then some – erased in a day, that‘s what you get with the Fed always having your back.
Stocks, Gold And Commodities Meet The Fed
S&P 500 in the red – unprecedented. Don‘t pin your hopes too high for a (sharp) correction though.
New Day, New ATHs With Gold In The Wings
S&P 500 and the still elusive consolidation – the Fed speakers won‘t likely trigger one today, but bulls, watch out for some daily downside with little to no warning in your plans, after all.
Still A Bullish Fever In Stocks?
S&P 500 still appears as entering a consolidation, but I‘m not looking for way too much downside. The Big Tech names would decide, and if you look at Tesla doing well yesterday, the S&P 500 correction would play out rather in time than in price.
Stocks Or Gold – Which Is In The Catbird Seat?
S&P 500 upswing is leaving the index in a vulnerable position, and especially the tech‘s reversal is leaving it in a perched place where no sector is however being really sold off.
The Curious Staircase Rally In Stocks
S&P 500 keeps consolidating in a vulnerable and stretched position, yet offers no signs of an immediate retracement of a portion of prior gains.
Navigating The Tidal Wave Of Liquidity
S&P 500 is likely to keep consolidating gained ground, and (shallow) bear raids wouldn‘t be unexpected here – in spite of the strong market breadth.
On The Verge Of Stocks Pullback
S&P 500 is still consolidating Monday‘s sharp gains, showered with liquidity. Yet it seems that eking out further gains is getting harder as the price action took the index quite far from its key moving averages.
New S&P 500 Highs Or Metals Rising?
Bullish run in stocks is on, driven by tech gains and value not yielding an inch.
S&P 500 Fireworks And Gold Going Stronger
S&P 500 has challenged and conquered the 4,000 mark, and the upswing‘s internals keep being aligned bullishly. No sharp correction in sight indeed.
Easter Holiday Update For Stocks And Gold
A brief chart update on both the S&P 500 and gold.
Stock ATHs And Gold Double Bottom
Bullish run in stocks that lost steam before the close – does that qualify as a reversal? Given the other moves such as in the Dow Industrials, Russell 2000, and emerging markets, it‘s unlikely that the S&P 500 met more than a temporary setback.
Stocks, Gold And The Troubling Yields
Yesterday‘s consolidation in stocks was a bullish one, and the S&P 500 upswing has good prospects of proceeding unimpeded.
1 to 16 of 61 Posts
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