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ES Rebound To Continue
Intraday consolidation followed by more upside is the theme of today.
Daily ES Bearish Upper Hand
S&P 500 was complacent yesterday given VIX only at 18, but the key turn happened in tech, in the waning NDX market breadth.
Higher, Still Higher
Indices are reaching for fresh yearly highs, but note how much more the market has gotten selective.
ES Back In The Range – For Now
On one hand, 4,115 followed by 4,078 has to wait still – on the other hand, overcoming 4,225 seems unlikely at the moment, and would signify invalidation of the range breakout.
Fine Selling Initiative
S&P 500 buyers weren't really present yesterday, and the session finally finished on a strong, one-sided bearish note. The many bearish medium-term signs in the market have been raising their heads.
Breakout Consolidation
Very clear signal from bonds that real economy is in trouble, which however doesn‘t stand in the way of stock market gains in the weeks to come. As to commodities, I expect them to pick up vibrantly again in 2H 2023.


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The Horns Of The Fed Dilemma
1 year ago

Thanks Susan.

In this article: BNO, HYG, GLD, JJC, SPX, BITCOMP, ETH-X
Riding The Bullish Revival
1 year ago

Thank you very much Michele, I am happy that you're enjoying my writings! Have a nice rest of the day!

No Qualms, No Prisoners
1 year ago

Thank you very much for the appreciation, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Fabled September Storms
1 year ago

Thank you very much Adam, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Making The Fed Blink
1 year ago

Thank you very much - glad you enjoyed it!

Stocks And Gold – Hot And Hotter
2 years ago

A very prescient title...

European session update: we got some more SPX and XLK buying to top the daily reversal off. At the top of the recent consolidation range, new ATHs are once again in sight. As for metals, needless to say they extended gains... who would have throught but the bulls who did their homework...

The Tax Plan To Slay The Stock Bull?
2 years ago

Gold ignores the stocks and commodities upswing? How come that even silver is down today, and more so than the yellow metal? Seems odd and weak, especially since USD is tanking as I had been calling for. GDX and copper say - don't worry:

(you can see the chart within my status updates, just posted)

Have a great weekend!

The Curious Staircase Rally In Stocks
2 years ago

Today's HYG session is a really weak one, and HYG:SHY ratio isn't naturally saving the day --> looks like a case of short-term non-confirmation in the making. Meanwhile, $TLT recovered daily losses much to XLK's liking --> SPX rally's internals are unchanged. The eye catching performance is seen in GDX - keeping the precious metals upswing alive.

In advance, have a nice weekend!

Will April Showers Bring May Flowers?
2 years ago

That's right, some industries and companies are affected by various sources of seasonality apart from weather. Combining these with strong technical and fundamental analytical approach can selectively improve one's results. Knowing where the indices, sectors are going and why is the first step, taking care of the company risk and considering seasonality effects comes then.

In this article: SPX
On The Verge Of Stocks Pullback
2 years ago

Another daily SPX sideways move, this time accompanied by wavering HYG. How long before the bears pluck up some courage, and start selling? Not that I do expect them to get really far, but still - the Fed minutes were (predictably) a non-event... Note also the dollar turning up, and compare that to the TLT yields.

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