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Are S&P 500 And Precious Metals Bears Just Getting Started?
Stock bulls have to once again take the trip to the 3,900 mark, and when that happens, depends on the tech the most. The S&P 500 internals and credit market performance remains sound, and new highs are a question of time (and stimulus).
Weak Jobs Data, Stocks And Gold
Stock bulls are on a recovery path, and new all-time highs are basically a question of when the tech would step up to the plate again.
What Correction In Stocks? And Gold?
Stock bulls are on a solid recovery path, and new all-time highs are again closer in sight.
Stocks, Gold – Rebound Or Dead Cat Bounce?
None of Friday‘s intraday attempts to recapture 3,850 stuck, and the last hour‘s selling pressure is an ill omen. Especially since it was accompanied by high yield corporate bonds weakening.
Dead Cat Bounce? Bears Aren‘t Taking Prisoners Now
Stock bulls got a harsh reality check, and everything isn‘t very fine yet in the tech arena. Gold and silver didn‘t escape the bloodbath either, and aren‘t out of the woods – neither gold, nor silver.
Why Tech Is Giving Me Jeepers – Watch Out, Gold
Due to its sheer weight in the S&P 500 index, pulling the cart a bit more enthusiastically is what the 500-strong index needs to take on new highs, because value stocks can‘t do it all.


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Are S&P 500 And Precious Metals Bears Just Getting Started?
15 hours ago

Just when I am writing above that the market needs liquidity, action, and lay out the Fed possibilities, Powell disappoints – and we have a hissy fit. No new measures were hinted at – Treasuries on the long end turned lower, and pretty much everything else except oil, in a kneejerk reaction. Dollar is up on the inaction, and that quite explains what we're seeing…

The question is when will the Fed relent? End of 2018, anyone?

Are S&P 500 And Precious Metals Bears Just Getting Started?
18 hours ago

Here we go with the progress update 90min since the open:

intial selling pressure in stocks repelled, HYG undecided on a daily basis, through bond markets remain constructive. When will gold notice? Silver again making a recovery run, just as copper.

Who saw the great run in oil coming? I'm an oil bull as well, and featured an oil analysis in my yesterday's article - great to see the bullish conclusion confirmed this soon!

I hope you benefited :)

Weak Jobs Data, Stocks And Gold
1 day ago

Quick update:

Morning selling pressure appears abating, stocks returning above 3,850, HYG apparently refusing to decline more, and if XLK keeps above 130 today, we're still in that now again shallow correction that I talked before Feb 24.

Gold refused to decline below $1,700 - but needs to clear off the low $1,720s (yeah, that's another $10 today still to go if I am to like the short-term bullish turn). Still nothing to call home about in the metals. The dollar better tank again over the coming days... Gold and silver haven't yet lost the recovery momentum, and the $1,730s and above $26.50 are attainable still. The bull market in gold needs a rebound off strong support, otherwise it's becoming suspect.

Are Gold And Silver About To Take Off?
2 days ago

Looking at different tools, I have come to the same conclusion about rather good prospects of gold from now on. It'll take time to unfold, and we could start with a modest upswing today. Then, I don't think we're nearing an S&P 500 top. Stil,, PMs are too beaten down.

What Correction In Stocks? And Gold?
2 days ago

Yes, the meandering in stocks goes on, but I like the credit market performance thus far, and actually cautiously look for gold to surprise on the upside next - look how much of the intraday losses silver retraced already. Copper remains very positive, dollar very tame, and TLT treading water... That's a good setup.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed the full article!

Stocks, Gold – Rebound Or Dead Cat Bounce?
3 days ago

And what about calls for raising Fed funds rate perhaps even this year that you might hear thanks to the rising Treasury rates? As premature as the constant calls for significant (10+%) corrections. I haven't been buying these either in Jan, or Feb, and I'm not buying it in Mar. Besides, not that much time has passed since the last serious stock market correction really. And this correction's shape has been decided on Monday in my view, and it won't be even 5%...

Stocks, Gold – Rebound Or Dead Cat Bounce?
3 days ago

Here we are, the smashing ride in stocks continues, and it paid off to ignore the corporate credit markets this time... Silver keeps running, yet commodities and gold retreated a little - but the dollar isn't surging. Telling signs...

Gold Price Forecast: XAU Tanks Hard As Yields, Inflation Fears Climb
3 days ago

Yes, the dip was really hard, and an important support has been reached. Reversing, gold is being pulled by silver, copper and the rest of the crowd to a degree. I though look to the real rates, which are still deeply negative = fuel for gold. Much to talk in the precious metals really...

Dead Cat Bounce? Bears Aren‘t Taking Prisoners Now
5 days ago

POST-FRI SUMMARY: The shape of the correction is being decided still. Tech missed a daily chance to reverse, IWM held up fine, EEM including its bonds are momentarily more pressured. SPX is in the middle, I didn't like the weak Fri finish across the board, but.stimulus cleared the House hurdle after the market close. While Fri didn't have the many hallmarks of a reversal, stocks are likely to like the TLT turn = again, this is a dip to be largely bought in my view. Just as gold or silver would welcome the Treasury yields reprieve - real rates are still around 1% negative = positive for gold.

Dead Cat Bounce? Bears Aren‘t Taking Prisoners Now
6 days ago

TLT has indeed turned higher, and HYG appears wanting to repeat its yesterday's price action feat. When would gold and silver notice? VIX predictably down, XLK at 50-d MA only. SPX closing above 3865-70 would be good for Moday.

Great weekend everyone!

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