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Monica Kingsley is a trader and financial analyst serving countless investors and traders since Feb 2020. Trade calls and writing are her cup of tea as much as a unique combination of macro, intermarket and technicals applied with in-depth experience. Having been at the markets when Great Recession ...more

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Why The Selling Into Good PPI
S&P 500 almost instantly gave up the tame PPI driven upswing, Nasdaq didn‘t shine as brightly as into FOMC, and consumer discretionaries weren‘t enthused either.
What Bonds Have To Say
A look at the retreat in yields following the strong 10y Treasury auction.
Economy Or Inflation Choice
S&P 500 gave a few nice intraday entries on the long side Monday, but the range was relatively narrow, and financials need a few days more to rise.
Standing No Chance
Usually the time before FOMC is neutral, and the FOMC resolution is Bullish. Technically I would look at the declining line connecting the latest silver lows.
Why Yields Can’t Rise
S&P 500 consolidated on yet another day of slowly rising rate cut odds, and the buying interest in all things bonds is still there, with ECB rate cutting excuse now
What Powers This Rally
The eventful day I promised in S&P 500 and for risk taking arrived, and S&P 500 pressure to go higher was released via a one way rally.
Bring On Those Cuts
S&P 500 refused to decline below Monday‘s lows, as rate cut odds went up much again, it took a while to recover from poor JOLTS.
Month End Positioning, Or More?
I think precious metals led by silver will be the brightest spot in the coming days and weeks, even if silver bulls didn't withstand the sellers following core PCE, and didn't buy credible bond market signs of inflation making a return.
Disinflation Watchout
S&P 500 rebounded before GDP data, and most traders missed their key element, making the upswing doomed for economic reasons.
Yen Carry Trade Meets GDP
S&P 500 didn‘t maintain Tuesday‘s high close, and neither did Nasdaq – both put in a series of failed premarket relief attempts with altogether three intraday upswings from Thursday‘s panic lows – yet these failed as well.
Steep Wall Of BoJ Worry
It was likely that S&P 500 wasn‘t to sustain premarket gains following the opening bell, allowing for locking in open gains in our intraday channel.
Climbing The Wall Of Worry
The S&P 500 was in a precarious position this past week, but my key area within the 5,265 to low 5,270 range held on Thursday. The key goods orders data came in above expectations, but it was not as hot as feared. Therefore, stocks ran with it.
Reversing, But For How Long?
S&P 500 continued its ascent driven by Nasdaq, fine NVDA earnings – only to reverse from 5360, well before the hot PMIs. Fears that inflation with deferred cuts if not tightening, are what has disquited the market.
NVDA Earnings Resolution
Nvidia earnings will be the catalyst moving the market (risk taking sentiment) today.
Ready For Nvidia
S&P 500 saw upswing rejected, making it remain in a tight range – but the sellers aren‘t in control. Nasdaq had one of its days of outperformance, with select names sending signals as to what to expect from NVDA earnings, already now.
SPY Flag Vs. Yields
The S&P500 is still in a (Bullish) flaglike consolidation, and the most important thing about Friday's tight range was downswing rejection. Broadening advance favors higher prices.
1 to 16 of 699 Posts
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