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Putin's War Against The World
Well, more bombs from Putin yesterday. Looks like he really is going to try and make this a cold winter.
Why It's Time For U.S. Business To Pay Their Fair Share
We can tax business on "market value" gains and still leave plenty for investors. Trickle-down economics is a myth.
Is China's Influence Around The World Really Growing?
Why I think China's influence economically is overstated.
The Performance Evaluation Report Card (PERC) Methodology Explained
A PERC program can be put in place in response to a crisis to drive rapid improvements, but can be also run for years or decades in order to prevent future problems. It is a powerful system with a light touch.
Embryos Of Globanomics And Some Of Its Principals
A discussion about the embryos of globanomics and some of its principals.
The China Is A "Paper Tiger" Thing Revisited
I have been giving more thought to my claim that China is a “paper tiger." Let's see how China fares against other countries in the ten business categories defined in the Forbes Global 2000 business market value index.


Latest Comments
As A Humanist
14 days ago

Now all we have to do is implement globanomics and our humanist philosophy will be enriched.

So Much News With So Little To Say
16 days ago

And they own the House of Representaties and still want the man who tried to destroy democracy to be in power.

The U.S. is on the razor's edge from falling apart thanks to the GOP.  Why negotiate when you have a chance to put an authoritarian in charge, who will make every conspiracy theory reality.  The world is watching, some smiling, some are aghast.

The Old Man Of The Blog
22 days ago

That is an estimate, one made by going back through my history.  Talkmarkets allows me to see "ten blogs at a time" and the last time i looked their were about 80 series of 10-blogs.  

Regardless, it does not matter, some of my blogs are one-sentencers, and then some go on for three pages.  Some blogs are good, and some not so much so.  Anyway, i do have a lot to draw a good story about, which probably would draw a real lot of attention.  My royalties last month came to $0.80 and that is for everything that i have written, which includes some pretty good stuff.

I thought about the 1000th coming up, but i don't think i will make a big deal of it.  I probably won't even know when i write it.

My Biggest Folly
24 days ago

Thanks, i thought about doing that, but didn't.  I think i will try on the next batch that i work on.  I am afraid the trouble that i will find with the "broader views" is that my "lack of followers" or "views" will put me somewhere down around the 10,000th item that will show up.  Just the same, it is worth a try.

One thing i will say.  It is nice to have your own little nitch, even if it only starts small.  I think i will do the same with some of my Talkmarkets' published articles (which they don't let me write anymore).  They used to get 1000 views in lieu of the 20 or so that i get on my blog--those might put me up the ladder.

It's kind of funny, really.  Talkmarkets banned me from writing articles right at the same time i published Globanomics.  All because i was trying to market the book, looking for their support.  Go figure.

Again, thanks for your thoughts.

Sunday's Sermon-ChatGPT And Me On Poverty Of Spirit
25 days ago

Smarter maybe, but maybe not as creative.  I always felt the computer software i used while working with the Government was smarter than me when it came to analyzing large data sources.  What SAS and other statistical packages can do, puts my small little brain in awe.  It would take me "years" to do the analysis SAS can do in "seconds"

And yes, i have heard the warnings.  Elon Musk, Europe--i noticed this morning one of the big AI guys at Google left for i assume the reasons that you state.

Just the same, i am a fan--at least as it stands today--today, it is smarter to use it than to "flee from it".  As it stands today, it is a tool with both advantages and flaws.

The Summer Of 1982
26 days ago

Oh, hmmm.  Artists and scientists beware.  I wonder what will happen when AI becomes "enlightened" with a "poverty of spirit".

Sunday's Sermon-ChatGPT And Me On Poverty Of Spirit
26 days ago

I assume everyone is joking.  People were saying the same thing about the "wheel".  AI is smart, but not smarter than a smart person who will use it.  So don't be one of the stupid ones and sit on the sidelines because of your fear.  AI is a tool, not a master.

The World Is Exploding
27 days ago

Yes.  I tried to get in and use it myself, but during the login process they wanted a cell phone number, which i don't have (i simply have a landline).  Anyway, I asked  to ask it a couple of questions for me.  I said i wanted a three-page explanation of globanomics, and this is the result.

At this time ChatGPT is free and i would very much like to ask it a lot more questions.  It's not perfect by any means, but it is useful to get a sense of what the view out there is like.  For example, in my case i learned that Chat had not read my book, Globanomics--but then, who has, really?

Just For Fun
29 days ago

It's okay.  We enjoy giving each other jabs.  He appreciates me and i appreciate him.  He was my source for the 14th amendment, telling me in the process that he has been carrying me since the time we first met.  My response: i thanked him for the 14th amendment tip, letting him know that it was like finding a needle in a haystack out of his thoughts and mind.

His mother would not have objected to my statement.  Everyone knows Brian thinks quite a bit of himself.  He needs someone to temper his ego and i am his best source in doing so.  Most of his thoughts are shared with barmates if you know what i mean.

1 month ago

I thought like you at first, but now i believe Tucker will essentially go the way of Glen Beck and O'Reilly--and drift into meaninglessness--except of course for the diehards.

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