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Brett Baier
2 days ago

Well, Dan (i cannot excuse for liking el trumpo no matter how confused are), but it doesn't matter.  Putin better not be counting on any help from the Iranians because there shit didn't work.  Maybe Putin can get North Korea to help him.  China isn't going to help him.

There is a reason Blinken was dancing and playing his guitar in Ukraine yesterday.  The only reason for Putin to try to hold out through the summer is in the hope that el trumpo will suck his personal stuff again. 

And one other thing.  Don't assume the press is up on everything.  Russia has been making gains, but as you dig into it a bit you find out that those gains were before Mr. Speaker of the House finally rebuked your Golden Idol.  If he had waited any later, you can guess what--because the what is what everybody had been telling the Speaker since December last year.

The Electronic Global Stock Market Board (EGSB)
2 days ago

It is within a book called Globanomics, which Talkmarkets chose "not" to support.

Brett Baier
3 days ago

It is never good to jump to conclusions.  The world is different today than it was even a year ago--and in the last year things have not gone very well for Putin or Jinping.  The writing is on the wall.  The question is whether they can read it.

Winding Down, Again
9 days ago

I am not giving up, just winding down.  The degree of my influence is somewhat limited to those who read my posts and now i am beginning to feel it is up to them.  No one else can hear me.

The Bare Minimum
17 days ago

No, i meant by July 5, 2024.  In fact, i would be happy with a May or early June 2024-date.  The only difference between today and next year will be the fact that we will be living "world peace" next year.  

ps. Hamas will not decide "world peace" for the world.  Things just don't work that way anymore.

Boswell's Believe It Or Not-The Future
20 days ago

Hang in there!  We are closer to world peace than i have ever known us to be and i am 76+ years old.

What Must Fox Be Thinking?
24 days ago

Let me say that i am surprised with the question; however, here is the answer.

There is little difference between the deal that the "el trumpo" did with the National Inquierer, than the deal the "el trumpo" has done with Fox.

And if you ask me, that is not something that i would want attached to me if i was working at Fox with their elite sycohphants.

Does that help you understand better?

How Much Longer Must This Go On?
26 days ago

And who the fuck do you think is going to win the two wars that you mentioned above?  And when those wars are over what else is there to defend.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed which nation had military superiority.  Similarly, Iran's 300 missile/drone attack showed which nation has military superiority today.

I am really disappointed in you Adam.  I expect better from you.  It tells me that you have not been keeping up with what i have been trying to tell you.  Either that or you have been listening too much to Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Comments like yours tell me that globanomics is dead in the water.

Let's Play War
28 days ago

We all know that no one will win a nuclear war.  Period.  Yet there are a couple of things that i know that you may not--starting with the fact that the current nuclear capabilities of China, North Korea, and Iran are essentially zilch--all of their weapons could be taken out any time we choose.

It's Russia that has the arsenal that you have to worry about, but even that is now in question based upon previously unknown capabilities.

So essentially, that is where we stand with the "four bad" guys.  Of the four all you need to do is make friends with the one who has most to gain--and that is China.  And that is in the best interest of China, too.

Let's Play War
28 days ago

We have that in spades.  Now it is time for everyone to disarm--starting with the nuclear bombs.

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