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Lance Roberts is the Chief Investment Strategist, Chief Economist and member of the investment committee for STA Wealth Mgmt. His primary focuses are macro trends, financial, fundamental and technical analysis of the markets and equities, credit markets, ... more


Fundamentally Speaking: 7-Measures Suggest A Decade Of Low Returns
In the short-term, a period of one year or less, political, fundamental, and economic data has very little impact on the market. This is especially the case in a late-stage bull market advance, such as we are currently experiencing.
The Bulls Are Betting On A “Long Shot”
For now, the market is working a corrective process which is likely not complete as of yet. As we head into the summer months, it is likely the markets will experience a retracement of the rally during the first quarter of this year.
The Run For The Roses
This horse racing season serves as a reminder that the race to fund pension plans is on but promises to be a much uglier affair. It also serves as a reminder for investors to carefully align the risks of their assets with their investment horizons.
Strike Three: The Next Bear Market Ends The Game
After two major bear markets since the turn of the century, a vast majority of “baby boomers” are woefully unprepared for retirement.
Technically Speaking: The Drums Of Trade War – Part Duex
China understands that Trump’s biggest weakness is the economy and the stock market. So, by strategically taking actions which impact the consumer, and ultimately the stock market, it erodes the base of support that Trump has for the “trade war.”
Valuations, Returns & The Real Value Of Cash
Since the beginning of 2019, the market has risen sharply.


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