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Stocks: Big Risk, Gold: Big Potential
Video By: Gary Savage
Saturday, November 9, 2019 3:17 PM EST
An update and review of the stocks and the precious metals market.
In this video: GLD, SLV, CDE, FNV, HL, NEM
Gold Perks Up But It’s Not Out Of The Woods
Article By: Matt Simpson
Friday, November 1, 2019 4:56 AM EST
Gold has a decent chance of breaking to new highs over the coming month/s. Yet whether is opts for direct gains or morphs into a prolonged, complex correction could become clear over the next week.
In this article: AEM, NEM, GDX, GLD, KL
E Newmont Goldcorp: Why This Negative Beta Stock Could Outperform In A Market Downturn
Article By: SureDividend
Wednesday, October 30, 2019 12:26 PM EST
Negative beta stocks are expected to increase in price when the market falls. As a result, Newmont Goldcorp could rise in price if the market falls.
In this article: NEM
Gold At The 3/4 Post Is Putting In A Year Over Which To Boast
Article By: Mark Mead Baillie
Sunday, September 29, 2019 12:36 PM EST
Gold's performance through 2019's first three-quarters (with Monday still in the balance) ranks as fourth-best across the like period since 2001.
In this article: AEM, FNV, NEM, PAAS, GDX, GLD, SIL
Gold Can't Compete With The Silver Streak
Article By: Mark Mead Baillie
Sunday, September 1, 2019 12:10 PM EST
From August 6 through 30, Gold increased in price by +2.9% and Silver by +12.3%. That's four times the pace of Gold. Gold can't compete with the Silver Streak.
In this article: AEM, FNV, NEM, PAAS, GDX, GLD, SIL, SLV


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Newmont Mining: We Expect Good Things
Justin Vargos 2/23/2018 2:39:43 AM

I'm hoping for some good with $NEM myself.

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