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Article By: Fiona Cincotta
EUR/USD stays above 1.07 ahead of German ZEW economic sentiment data. USD/CAD rises ahead of Canada inflation data.
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Article By: Pablo Piovano
Prices of natural gas added to Friday’s losses at the beginning of the week. The negative price action was amidst increasing open interest and favors the continuation of the downtrend in the very near term.
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Article By: Pavan Parikh
There are a lot of bullish factors for Arabica coffee futures, while Robusta’s short-term outlook also remains strong, albeit to a lesser extent.
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Article By: ING Economics
Yesterday’s tentative recovery in risk sentiment will be tested today as investors still deal with the unresolved regional bank crisis in the US and AT1 bond market turmoil in Europe.
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Article By: Patrick Munnelly
New home sales are expected to have advanced in February. The recent pullback in US bond yields suggests lower mortgage rates adding to incentives for buyers as such supporting new home sales activity.  
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Article By: Equitymaster India
Asian share markets are trading higher today following gains on Wall Street as immediate concerns over the strength of the global financial system dissipated.
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Article By: BlindSquirrelMacro
The zero-ing of Credit Suisse's AT1 bonds has significant implications for bank funding costs.
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Article By: Orbex
The US dollar retreats as markets stabilize amid the UBS-Credit Suisse rescue deal.
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Article By: Charles Hugh Smith
A stagnating zombie economy never recovers.
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Article By: Martin Hutchinson
Silicon Valley Bank was at first sight a splendid 21st-century replica of the 18th-century Country Banks that fueled the Industrial Revolution.
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BlindSquirrelMacro Commented on CoCo Pops: Only Half Price? Some Thoughts On Bank Capital:

Hi Harry.  Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn (in my case a decent investment hopefully!) from time to time.

Grzegorz Szwedowski Just joined TalkMarkets.
Duanne Johnson Commented on CoCo Pops: Only Half Price? Some Thoughts On Bank Capital:

Good read, thanks.

Harry Goldstein Commented on CoCo Pops: Only Half Price? Some Thoughts On Bank Capital:

What is with the squirrel pictures? I don't get  it.

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