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T’Winners From The Deferred Energy Crisis
Almost nothing has been done world-wide about insufficient energy supply or pollution from existing sources while new demand is constantly being added. This provides excellent opportunities for investors and I highlight two of those in this article.
Sika: Unknown And Undervalued Swiss World Leader With Enormous Growth Potential
Sika is a specialty chemicals company that is now trading at 30% off its highs in December 2021 and down 13% in the past 12 months.
LNG Shipping Cannot Keep Up With World LNG Demand
Natural gas is changing the world map and global consumption has increased by 60% since 2000.
The Euro Is In Crash Territory
The EU has long been in need of reform and now it may be too late.
Five Power And Pollution Disrupters
Pollution threatens all of mankind. Paradoxically, pollution and increasing energy demand also provide excellent investment opportunities.
Oil And Gas And ... Edelweiss?
Despite a lack of the physical assets, Switzerland is home to some of the world leaders in oil and gas trading and midstream assets.


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T’Winners From The Deferred Energy Crisis
1 month ago

T’Winners From The Deferred Energy Crisis
1 month ago

I mentioned in the article that in would buy more Chart before the latest earnings were published on April 28. I am pleased I did and I expect more good times ahead:

T’Winners From The Deferred Energy Crisis
1 month ago

More news comes almost daily to add strength to my article...

"The German administration plans to double its LNG import capacity to better prepare for potential supply disruptions including potential attacks on European gas infrastructure such as offshore pipelines"  

The Bullish Case For Natural Gas Prices In A World Of Net-Zero Transition
1 month ago

Good article. I had one published recently on winners from this situation;

T’Winners From The Deferred Energy Crisis
1 month ago

Thank you for the compliment. James 

LNG Shipping Cannot Keep Up With World LNG Demand
3 months ago

I added my views about Putin's sickening behaviour above. 

One interesting damage to Russia has been the mass exodus of many better educated people from Russia to countries where their skillls have been welcomed. 

In this article: EE, FLNG
LNG Shipping Cannot Keep Up With World LNG Demand
3 months ago

There is no doubt that sanctions have not worked nor that the US perpetual war machine baited the Russian bear but nothing can excuse Putin's barbaric behaviour.

The western debate on the war in Ukraine tends to treat it as essentially about borders: who governs which territories. It has paid far too little attention to how the territories in question are governed by each side. But the difference is stark. It is most shockingly exposed in how the Russian occupiers behave. Their cruelty goes beyond the murders, rapes, mutilation and plunder by Putin’s forces.

After invading Crimea, Moscow restarted its old persecution of Tatars. There is a state campaign of child abduction. There is a pattern of torture, documented by such initiatives as the Reckoning Project. What this behaviour lays bare is the wantonness of the occupiers’ violence and oppression.   

If he wins it will be more of the same - barbaric treatment of those he claims to be rescuing and I hope the west helps him lose and does not seek appeasement - even if it costs a lot of money.

However my article was not about that but about the consequences that should benefit the companies I feature because replacements for Russian  gas must mostly come in the form of LNG. James 

In this article: EE, FLNG
LNG Shipping Cannot Keep Up With World LNG Demand
3 months ago

David, thank you for the comment and others. I will get  back to you on those when I get a bit more time. James 

In this article: EE, FLNG
LNG Shipping Cannot Keep Up With World LNG Demand
3 months ago

My latest article maybe of interest:

In this article: EE, FLNG
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