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E US Infrastructure Gap
Should the Democrats win After November 3rd, a push on infrastructure investing could help speed the recovery from the pandemic recession.
E The US Recovery From The Pandemic Recession Is Slowing Down
America’s job market gains slowed markedly in September and many Americans quit looking for work, underscoring the harsh conclusion that the recovery is weakening and that the economy desperately needs fresh federal government fiscal support.
E The Pandemic Recession And Central Banks
The pandemic recession has once again forced central banks to massively increase their balance sheets.
E Canada’s Job Market Recovery Will Be Painfully Slow
Recent monthly employment gains overstate the strength of the economy.
E An Unconventional US Recession, An Unconventional Recovery And The New Economic Normal?
The pandemic and the lockdowns decimated the US economy in the second quarter of this year.
E Canada’s Economy Is In Trouble; Job Market Recovery Will Be Painfully Slow
In the final analysis the key propellant behind the Canadian economy will be how well the US and the global economy recovers, as well as how competitive Canadian industries can be.


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It Is An Open Secret That Central Banks Are Moving Towards Digital Currencies
5 days ago

nice article Norm. I agree that the shift to digital transactions shouldn't hurt the Cdn banks.

The Pandemic Recession And Central Banks
17 days ago

thanks for your comment.

There is virtually no inflation risk on the horizon. Indeed, the risk is entirely one of low inflation, or in a worst case, deflation;

An Unconventional US Recession, An Unconventional Recovery And The New Economic Normal?
2 months ago

Thanks for your comments.

The US has always had a problem dealing with its poor.

The problem became more exaggerated by recent events, including the covid recession.

IMF's Gloomy Global Economic Projections
3 months ago

I agree the outlook is very risky.

thanks for your comment

We Are Trapped In A Phase Of Major Unknowns
4 months ago

I beg to differ. The risk we face is deflation, not inflation.

Where Has All This Printed Money Gone To?
4 months ago

NIce column

Your point on MV=PY is instructive. Could it be the defn of money has changed. Really all you can say is that the velocity of money, conventionally defined, has fallen.

But what about money substitutes, which move far beyond the conventional defn.?

A related point. It is often not realized that when the demand for money falls, Ceteris Paribus, the money supply shrinks. (the money stock is determined at the intersection of the supply and the demand curves)

That is, the money supply is a function of both the demand and the supply of money.

Your conclusion on the macro effects are right on.

Coronavirus And Trump's Clever Inadequacy
8 months ago

Great series of insights Gary.

All the best,


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