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Arthur Donner is a Toronto-based economic consultant with a lively interest and involvement in economic policy issues. Arthur has the ability to make complicated economic issues understandable to widely different audiences. Consequently, his career has moved between universities, governments and ... more


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E Is Canada’s Booming Housing Market Primed For A Financial Crash
As of the second quarter of 2021, the Canadian housing market is still booming in terms of new construction, high prices, and escalating sales.
E US GDP Projection Q2, 2021
We should expect a massive increase in US GDP in the second quarter of 2021.
E The US Economy Is Nearly Back To Pre-Covid Levels, But Still Far From Normal
There is little doubt that the US economy is bouncing back rapidly from its Covid downturn.
E Some G20 Economies Are Experiencing High Inflation And Unemployment
An overview of the G20 economies shows a wide range of growth and recovery but some are battling inflation and high unemployment, diluting their ability to bounce back.
E The Fed Tries To Cool Inflation Worries - But Will It Work?
For some time now the Fed’s official stance has been that it would tolerate inflation rising moderately above its 2% desired target pace. 
E An Encouraging Perspective On The Surging Canadian Dollar
A strengthening Canadian dollar should not prevent Canada’s economy from continuing on a fairly strong recovery trajectory. 
E Canada’s Job Market Will Have A Difficult Hill To Climb To Recover Lost Jobs
Despite a speedy economic and jobs rebound in March, how long it will take for Canada’s labor market to fully recover is still very much unknown.
E The Advanced Economies Are Really Recovering From The Pandemic Recession
The IMF expects the global recovery in 2021 and 2022 to be sparked by the two largest economies, the US and China.
E From A Deep Canadian Economic Decline To The Appearance Of A Rapid Economic Recovery
Canada’s central bank increased its economic growth projections for the Canadian economy to 6.5% this year.
E Canada’s Jobs Recovery From The Pandemic Downturn Is Very Different From Past Recessions
Canadian employment posted a whopping 303,100 surge in March, completing the recovery of the second wave shutdown losses. As the job market begins to recover, Canada’s labor force participation rate has nearly returned to its pre-crisis level.
E The Fed And Bond Market Similar Inflation Views
Inflation expectations expressed in the bond market have been rising for over a year. There should be some comfort in the fact that the Fed and the bond market hold similar views on future inflation.
E Inflation – A Spike Is Coming. Should We Worry?
What seems to worry a lot of professionals is that a huge inflation burst could emerge and then become deeply embedded in the economy, as was the case in the 1970s.
E The American Jobs Recovery Out Of The Pandemic Recession Has Improved Along With The Spring Weather
In March, the US job market improved at its fastest pace since last summer, as the combination of speedy economic recovery and a successful and aggressive vaccination effort contributed to a surge in hospitality and construction jobs.
E Canadian Foreign Trade Is Reviving And Canada Posted A Trade Surplus Early This Year
Canada’s economy was significantly bolstered by international trade at the start of 2021. 
E BoC QE Stimulus
The Bank of Canada’s QE stimulus is comparatively larger than the US Fed’s program. The big uncertainty for both central banks is when will they start to taper back on bond purchases.
E The Canadian Economy In Q4 2020
The Canadian economy is bouncing back, but uncertainty remains concerning the true strength of the recovery. Will Canada’s supply-side pandemic recession shift into a demand-side slowdown?
1 to 16 of 465 Posts
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