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Arthur Donner is a Toronto-based economic consultant with a lively interest and involvement in economic policy issues. Arthur has the ability to make complicated economic issues understandable to widely different audiences. Consequently, his career has moved between universities, governments and ... more

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E US Infrastructure Gap
Should the Democrats win After November 3rd, a push on infrastructure investing could help speed the recovery from the pandemic recession.
E The US Recovery From The Pandemic Recession Is Slowing Down
America’s job market gains slowed markedly in September and many Americans quit looking for work, underscoring the harsh conclusion that the recovery is weakening and that the economy desperately needs fresh federal government fiscal support.
E The Pandemic Recession And Central Banks
The pandemic recession has once again forced central banks to massively increase their balance sheets.
E Canada’s Job Market Recovery Will Be Painfully Slow
Recent monthly employment gains overstate the strength of the economy.
E An Unconventional US Recession, An Unconventional Recovery And The New Economic Normal?
The pandemic and the lockdowns decimated the US economy in the second quarter of this year.
E Canada’s Economy Is In Trouble; Job Market Recovery Will Be Painfully Slow
In the final analysis the key propellant behind the Canadian economy will be how well the US and the global economy recovers, as well as how competitive Canadian industries can be.
E The CBO’s Pessimistic But Realistic Outlook For The US Economy
These latest CBO projections clearly illustrate that the destructive effects of the pandemic and the shutting down parts of the US economy is not limited to a single year.
E The US Economic Recovery Is Slowing And Potentially Reversing, America Is Facing A Slow And Painful Economic Recovery
A number of recent economic indicators are suggesting that the US economic rebound has been losing steam in July. While the speed of the US economic rebound in May and June was quite rapid, nonetheless recent indicators are now less promising.
E US Personal Income, July 2020
Personal income was well supported during the early phase of the pandemic. The personal income surge may partially explain strong equity markets.
E Canada’s Economic Recovery From The Pandemic Recession Will Be Painful, Just As In The US
In broad strokes, because of the pandemic recession, the Canadian economy lost 3 million jobs between February and April and regained nearly one million jobs in June. In many respects, the cyclical jobs recovery was like the American experience.
E US Economy And Job Market Experienced A Sugar High
The unpleasant reality is that despite the strong June jobs recovery and the somewhat rosier than expected stock market, the Covid-19 recession is far from over.
E IMF's Gloomy Global Economic Projections
The latest IMF global economic projections are very gloomy. Given that we are navigating uncharted waters, the gloom is justified.
E The Federal Reserve Massive Buying Of Government Debt
The US Fed’s massive purchases of government debt, (monetizing the debt) is timely and appropriate
E We Are Trapped In A Phase Of Major Unknowns
We are trapped in a phase of unknowns in charting the future course of the economy and the financial markets. A V-shaped recovery is unlikely.
E The IMF’s Global Economic Projections Are Discouraging, Perhaps Too Optimistic
Pay attention to the possible worst case scenario.
E The US Jobs Picture Is Dismal - There Is No Sugar Coating The Outlook
The Covid-19 virus and the shutdown of the US economy have demolished the US job market.
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