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Article By: Mark Holden
We have been selling the pair since mid-August. As we have published in our previous forecast, the EURGBP pair is a typical “sell the pullbacks” pair.
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Article By: Marc Chandler
An exogenous shock disrupts relationships and patterns. It may be a useful reminder the correlation does not mean 100% co-movement. The strongest currency in the world last week was the Swiss franc, a safe-haven that rose by almost 0.5%.
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Article By: Daily Forex
At the beginning of last week it looked as though the Dow Jones and Nasdaq were impervious to the slew of fundamental concerns that had worked to spark significant developments in the foreign exchange, commodity and bond markets.
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A look at key levels for Sterling vs the Dollar.
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Article By: Benzinga
As the stock has soared to new highs in recent month, the quirky outfit that owner Elon Musk says is a tech company that happens to make cars got a new plaudit this week: Its Model 3 is the top electric vehicle of 2020, according to Consumer Reports.
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Article By: Michele Schneider
So, while we may see Bears wandering about in public places, their impact on our personal portfolios or our homes, very much depends on how much equity in stocks we have at risk.
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A look at key trading levels for Bitcoin vs USD.
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Article By: Yohay Elam
The coronavirus continues to disrupt the Chinese economy, and this is grim news for the Aussie, as China is Australia’s largest trade partner. With no signs that the virus will be contained anytime soon, the AUD slide could continue into next week.
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A quick look at recent USD/JPY activity.
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Article By: Bill Kort
The S&P 500 is just 1.7% from a new record high. This statistic makes it very difficult to connect to the emotion of terror but if you look just under the surface certain investors are flocking to ‘safe haven’ investments … U.S. Treasuries and gold.


Robert Templin Commented on IRobot Entry Point To A Beaten-Down Growth Stock:

You are right, but few companies come close to the brand loyalty of Apple. Especially in such a competitive market that Apple is in. Tesla comes also to my mind. But iRobot does not need to be Apple or Te...

Alexis Renault Commented on IRobot Entry Point To A Beaten-Down Growth Stock:

Brand recognition is of course great, I'm just not convinced it's enough of a differentiating factor. It depends if it translates to brand loyalty. Some companies like Apple have tons of brand loyalty. I...

Robert Templin Commented on IRobot Entry Point To A Beaten-Down Growth Stock:

It leads to higher brand popularity, more people will be aware of the company and its products. It is free marketing, it does not necessarily lead to higher sales. But the probability of more sales increa...

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