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Article By: Mish Shedlock
There is no question Johnson will deliver Brexit. The only question is "How?"
Article By: Doug Noland
In this highly speculative market environment, “risk on” ensures loose financial conditions, Credit and speculative excess, and vigorous market inflation, while exacerbating economic maladjustment.
Article By: Kyla Scanlon
The market is on a weird ride. Word play seems to be the market mover of choice recently, with several of the President’s tweets about specific companies or tariffs moving the stock market.
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Article By: Michael J. Kramer
S&P 500 Futures are flirting with a rise above resistance at 2,900 on June 17. We can also see the futures are now trending higher, which is a positive. Biotech stocks should get a shot in the arm today and more...
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Article By: Chris Vermeulen
Even as the US dollar strength is frustrating many investors, it is also attempting to keep a lid on traditional safe havens such as precious metals.
Article By: Peter Morici
The Federal Reserve is charged by Congress to accomplish full employment and stable prices. But spending, not inflation, drives growth and prosperity.
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Article By: Orbex
Following speculation that the Fed will likely cut rates, investors are looking to the FOMC meeting this week.
Article By: Declan Fallon
The S&P closed with a doji which held above 50-day MA support. Volume declined in line with the consolidation. Technicals are still net positive. Action points to a probable follow through higher and a challenge of the 52-week high.
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Video By: Anton Kolhanov
Powell will not say directly that the FED will decrease interest rates or that the FED will be looking for further economic indicators. So traders will became calm and expect further economic signals – this will be a signal for strong corrections.
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Article By: Lorimer Wilson
What can shipping statistics tell us about where the economy is heading? What effect would a slowing economy have on equities? This article answers those questions and more. Read on.
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