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Booming Economy?
As the Political season heats up, the battle for voters inspires a steady stream of hyperbole on both sides. President Trump claims this is the best economy ever, while the Left asserts solemnly that most people are struggling.
Stocks Catch Corona Fever
After 3 years of stellar consumer confidence and soaring stock prices, investors reached a crescendo of exuberance and record setting optimism that warned of a market-priced for perfection.
Stocks Priced For Perfection, Hold The Corona
The benchmark SP 500 Index rose a stellar 28% in 2019 while its underlying earnings fell, thus the market is pricing in one heck of a rebound in revenues and profits in 2020.
Stock Market Euphoria Firing On All Cylinders
Meltups and running stock markets are periods when equity prices rise rapidly and continuously without corrections.
‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ For Stocks Ignoring Christmas Past
On a gloomy Christmas eve one year ago the stock market had completed a 3-month correction into a panic low of more than 20%, equaling its largest decline of the past decade.
Art Of The Trade Deal Counters Recession Ruminations
Often when US Presidents can score a single major legislative accomplishment during their tenure it’s enough for the history books.


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Wall Street Cries Wolf On Stocks – Economy
2 years ago

Very true. 10 Year Yields are testing 9 month lows today. Stock buybacks remain at a high multi-year plateau and operating earnings of major US indices are hitting new records. Some speculative fever in equities, but far from running on fumes.

The formerly strong $ boosted Europe, now a 32 month low in the $ today aids US exports and continues to boost industrial commodities.

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If Frac Sand Is So Hot—Why Are Sand Stocks So Cold?
2 years ago

Very good research & insight. A frustrating area for many investors I'm sure when looking at such strong financial improvement & prospects, yet sharply falling share prices.

It seems that as important as earnings & revenue are, that Oil prices still dominates pricing of these stocks. Would you agree that sand stocks will struggle until Oil returns to mid to upper 50's? In the case of SLCA, it has almost the exact same retracement as Oil prices (USO) of the rally from the 2016 low to 2017 high (almost 60%).

Also I wonder how much favorable comps for the next few quarters may prevent further heartache for investors - as long as Oil doesn't fall further?

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