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Household Wealth Close To Stall Speed
Corporate balance sheets are in excellent shape, but equally impressive is the Net Worth of the American Household that grows virtually every single quarter year over year.
Work Less Earn More
Working fewer hours at higher pay sounds like a good thing. It may be better than it sounds.
Car Loans Crash – No Impact
Lenders have kept their loan standards higher since the painful lesson of the last recession, reducing their exposure to sub-prime borrowers and focusing on the more creditworthy car buyers.
Bull Market Pause In March?
Inflection points such as the record October stock market peak and the panic low in December are the important milestones we endeavor to navigate successfully through this massive 10-year Bullish wave in US stocks.
Where Is The Next Sovereign Debt Crisis?
After decades of profligate spending since we abandoned the Gold backed Dollar, the fear of a debt crisis has grown with each recession.
The Dog Ate My Eurozone Recovery
European dysfunction is making Trump’s economic ‘strategery’ look prescient. We all know that Trade Wars are bad for all economies, yet the US economy accelerated in 2018 while all others have slowed.


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Wall Street Cries Wolf On Stocks – Economy
1 year ago

Very true. 10 Year Yields are testing 9 month lows today. Stock buybacks remain at a high multi-year plateau and operating earnings of major US indices are hitting new records. Some speculative fever in equities, but far from running on fumes.

The formerly strong $ boosted Europe, now a 32 month low in the $ today aids US exports and continues to boost industrial commodities.

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If Frac Sand Is So Hot—Why Are Sand Stocks So Cold?
1 year ago

Very good research & insight. A frustrating area for many investors I'm sure when looking at such strong financial improvement & prospects, yet sharply falling share prices.

It seems that as important as earnings & revenue are, that Oil prices still dominates pricing of these stocks. Would you agree that sand stocks will struggle until Oil returns to mid to upper 50's? In the case of SLCA, it has almost the exact same retracement as Oil prices (USO) of the rally from the 2016 low to 2017 high (almost 60%).

Also I wonder how much favorable comps for the next few quarters may prevent further heartache for investors - as long as Oil doesn't fall further?

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