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That’s Enough!
Wall St. Wolf 8/23/2023 8:56:52 AM

Only the beginning … $NVDA is gonna be 500$+++ thursday after wednesday ER thats all I know …and want to know. trade accordingly!

Nvidia, Take Us Down!
Alpha Stockman 6/22/2023 10:15:13 PM

Bullish on $NVDA.  

How To Profit From The AI Revolution
Andrew Armstrong 5/21/2023 11:21:25 AM

The $NVDA profits are already pretty much baked in - already up 161% from 52-wk low.

Nvidia: Big Upside And AI Stock Market Darling Potential
Kurt Benson 5/14/2023 10:09:37 PM

Good pick. I'm bullish on $NVDA.

NVIDIA: There’s Room For Further Growth
Wall Street Jack 3/27/2023 2:39:19 PM

I'm no longer happy with $NVDA. I believe the company gave money to buy call options to push the stock up higher and higher.. 140 p/e, yeah right. And Insider trades are SKYROCKETING CEO, CFO, President, and more are DUMPING MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of shares.... 

LULU Is A Great Company But Now Is Not The Time
Krystyna Naryzhna 12/15/2022 7:00:18 AM

Can you give $TSLA and $NVDA levels?

Green With Envy For Nvidia Stock: How Much $1,000 Invested 5 Years Ago Would Be Worth Today
Frank J. Williams 2/15/2021 1:46:31 AM

Bought each of my sons 10 shares of $NVDA each five years ago for $105, now sitting at $600 or 5k profit. Much better then the typical 529 College plan. Also bought them mobile eye ( bought out by Intel) $PLTR at 9.75 and $SKLZ. Not big blocks but enough to let it ride.

Are Stocks Too Hot to Buy?
Barry Hochhauser 2/4/2021 1:13:51 AM

I wouldn't put any of those tickers next to $CMG except $NVDA.

5 Best Large Caps
Bill Johnson 8/4/2020 8:43:12 PM

Why the sarcasm Carol? $AMD, $DXCM, $AAPL, $NVDA, $PYPL are all great buys and look good even in these uncertain times. I appreciate the time and effort the author put into sharing this information with us.

Jim Cramer’s Confusing Calls on Nvidia Corporation
Alpha Stockman 11/18/2018 7:44:06 AM

A very good catch. Not sure how #Cramer will be able to explain a way how he advised his fans to buy some of $NVDA before earnings we he himself dumped them all!

I liked some of his calls on the other stocks mentioned in the lightning round though.

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