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Nvidia Abandons Its Crypto Venture, Argues Low Returns
BreakingBad News 8/23/2018 1:26:17 PM

Personally, I think it was a smart move for #Nvidia to abandon it's #crypto efforts. Why buy into the craze and get involved in an area unrelated to its core product? This is good news. $NVDA

What Jim Chanos Gets Wrong About Tesla
Brian Ramsey 2/12/2018 5:56:12 AM

You are long #Tesla due to their Autonomous driving advantage. Let's stick with that since the horrific financials don't seem to bother you.

Tesla collects data from its cars as they are driven and occasionally driving themselves. However, when there has been a crash of a Tesla driving itself, we have never seen the video of the crash. That is because Tesla's cars are not collecting video despite having only "optic sensors". It would require a large bandwidth or decent sized storage capacity for video for Tesla to be collecting useful data from its cars. I am not seeing either of those in the teardown of the Tesla autonomous driving board.

I think it fairly obvious that Tesla cars merely collect telemetry data to record what the driver or car did prior to an accident. That data isn't useful enough to train a car how to drive itself.

While other autonomous car developers are using custom servers and the best boards and chips that #NVidia can design, Tesla is making noises about making their own custom chip from scratch (#Intel isn't able to compete with NVidia or #AMD, but suddenly Tesla can?) or switching to cheaper AMD parts.

Tesla's autonomous driving capability is hype and a willingness to endanger its customers. That ought to make you suspicious about the rest of the company, sadly I doubt that it will.

Autonomous driving Level 4 and 5 is coming in the next two to three years, but Tesla is at the back of the pack and not improving from Level 2.

If they refuse to sell their $TSLA stock, what TSLA stockholders ought to do is protect their investment with long protective puts. And please diversify so that Tesla's auditors declaring a "going concern" won't destroy your retirement portfolio.

Intel's Kaby Lake A Non-Event For AMD RyZen
Kirk Sheffield 1/11/2017 7:37:41 PM

I saw the #NVIDIA #SelfDrivingCar CES demo earlier, it's pretty cool. You can see the direct link on YouTube here:


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