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Article By: Orbex
After two days of major drops in the US stock markets, analysts are revising their positions on where interest rates, and therefore currencies, are headed.
Video By: MarketPunks
Why the market problem is bigger than coronavirus? The Fed needs to be very careful.
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Article By: Tim Ord
Our point in this chart is that RSI momentum has reached a level where bounce can be expected in the NYA. Some 25 RSI levels came at major lows and others where trading ranges started.
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Article By: Zacks Investment Research
Chesapeake Energy came out with a quarterly loss of $0.04 per share.
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Article By: Samar Abuwarda, MSc
The military economy constitutes around 1%-2% of the Egyptian GDP so is it feasible to launch an IPO program and properly evaluate the military companies? What could be the tactics for a financial restructuring strategy?
Article By: Benzinga
It’s no secret investing in the cannabis space has been like navigating a minefield in the last year, but some of the top investors in the sector believe the downturn in the Canadian cannabis market has created opportunities in the U.S. market.
Article By: Chris MacIntosh
Further monetary stimulus will only increase the gap between the have-nots and have-yachts further…and that will mean social instability will only increase. Not good.
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Article By: Orbex
Coronavirus Fears Dominating Markets
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Article By: Boris Schlossberg
After a two day drubbing, risk assets tried to stabilize in early European trade today with US stock index futures turning green after spending most of the Asian session underwater.
Article By: Phil Flynn
Oil prices failed to come back as coronavirus fear will not go away. A stark warning from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that it’s a matter when, not if the virus will spread caused more panic in the trade.
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Edward Simon Commented on The Wise Man Does At Once What The Fool Does Finally:

So Chris, other than speculating in hygienic face mask stocks, what are your suggestions for Joe and Jane investor, they obviously cannot go about securing private deals?

Edward Simon Commented on Fed Headache Turning Into Massive Migraine:

What are the chances that President Trump will try to remove Jerome Powell if he does not insert more stimulus?

Barry Hochhauser Commented on 401(k) Millionaires Surge To Record Level Under Trump:

Yeah for now, but will lose 90% if they don’t sell soon.

Zachary Storella
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Zachary Storella
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