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The Tail Wags the Tesla Brontosaurus
Dean Gilmore 11/11/2021 4:50:18 AM

FYI — Optical Cable Corp is a customer of chipmaker $KLAC this multi-day pennant holds up. calls ↑ 590%. insider trades & open 2nd hq 5-Nov — $CEVA leading licensor of sensor fusion & signal processors for EV, 5G & AI. customers Berkshire Hathaway, Honeywell, Intel, Digital Ally — 9-Nov Q3 earnings beat. record rev of $32.8m beats by $1.74m ↑ 31% YoY. record IoT royalties & new agreements — $45’s was a gift. going heavy on this dip. holds MA’s. 30% upside with $59 average PT. most likely funds selling into retail thinking they’re smarter — meanwhile, you're missing these setups — $AVGO is in play. calls ↑ 590%. I guess 59 is a magic #. caught the beginning sub $419 low floater to stay on my port for a while.

End of the World History Chart Updated…
Jason Green 11/5/2021 1:34:16 AM

The end of the world is just getting started imo. but you're missing these setups — check out $KLAC this pennant holds up. multi-day runner w another bullish flag. $AVGO is in play. caught the beginning sub $419 low floater that's going to stay on my port for a while. $BX A+ setup. IPO for BXSL & $50b deal closed with AIG & $MANA.X is gaining momentum with all the room in the metaverse to reverse. such high PT’s being given. as demand for this new asset class expands, you'll see more demand for digital real estate, thus driving up the value. still holding. coiling up really tight here after another gap up. watch for this to get some volume. solid upside potential. fresh PR out today. Sources everywhere...

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