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For Investors The Big Divergent Is Coming
6 years ago

Good morning. I agree. I believe the Fed would prefer to "normalize" rates at a gradual pace so as not to inject unnecessary volatility into the market psyche. That gradual pace has been delayed even more so by the uncertainty of the global markets problems potentially washing up on our shores. While I'd prefer no tightening until later in the year when there are clear signs of stable growth in Europe and Asia, I believe the window to hiking rates closes the closer we get to the November elections. So I think the most likely event will be a June hike followed by a December move. Again, things have to fall in line and have to live up to the low bar we've all set. +2.5-+3% GDP growth. Inflation in the neighborhood of +2%. China stated growth of +6.5%. Japan and Eurozone steady +1.5% or better along with NO BREXIT. In the case of a BREXIT all bets are off. The Fed has already told us she's taking these factors into account which means a lot more moving parts which to me points to rates being lower for longer before we're even remotely close to "normalized" rates.

Thanks again.

For Investors The Big Divergent Is Coming
6 years ago

Good day! Thanks for the response and interesting question. While the bump in borrowing costs may hit consumers in the wallet I believe on the whole the positive impact from higher interest rates for savers would far outweigh any negative impact from those higher borrowing costs. Keeping in mind any bump in borrowing costs is coming off of a historically and even generationally low base. Good question. Thanks.

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