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If Bears Ruled The World, Huh-Huh Huh-Huh!
We ended the week with 3 members in bearish phases, one in a warning phase and 2 still hanging tough in their bullish phases. Does that mean that the Bears rule the market, or are they merely rulers for a day?
Levels Only And A Repeat Of The 5 Factors To Watch
August has had some historically huge sell-offs. And since the market’s solvency has been mainly due to dovish monetary policy and corporate buybacks this might be a really good time to check your stock holdings.
Are The Central Banks Playing With The Devil?
Following exactly what we anticipated, the Federal Reserve cut rates by ¼%. The market was disappointed it did not get a ½% cut.
What Does A Key Stock Price Retracement Look Like?
The initial breakout in the daily chart of silver happened when silver cleared the 200 daily moving average.
How Can We Know What’s Happening In The Market?
Our most notable mover on Friday was the Regional Banks ETF, KRE. With the better than expected GDP number (2.1%), the anticipation that the Federal Reserve may not lower rates helped this sector.
Market’s Ode To Central Banks
Tomorrow, the ECB meets. We are standing by expecting a dovish Draghi (and Lagarde) to show up.


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A Focus On Our Moody Sister Semiconductors
5 months ago

Look at her today-back to her wonder woman self!

In this article: SMH
Market Snoozes, But Keep Your Tools Close By
6 months ago

In the scenario you present as a strong possibility, I totally agree-thanks for writing!

Want To See What A Perfect Retracement Looks Like?
8 months ago

All around the Fed has to be worried-what to do with rates, could we spark inflation, is the economy really robust or is it too overheated and ripe for a slowdown? I would not want to be Powell..

In this article: IYT, XRT
Does This Look Bullish To You?
9 months ago

Brilliant misinterpretation my friend.

In this article: IWM, IYT, XRT, IBB, KRE, SMH
Want To See What A Rally Into Resistance Looks Like?
9 months ago

Thank you very much for saying so!

In this article: IBB, QQQ, IWM, IYT, KRE, SMH, SPY
Can The Bulls Count On Corporate Suits?
10 months ago

Thank you Ayelet!!

In this article: IBB, QQQ, IYM, IYT, SMH, SPY, TLT, UUP, XRT
Are The Metals Rising From The Grave?
11 months ago

Thank you Tiffany!

Has Netflix Out-Binge-Watched Itself?
11 months ago

The chart is sized by talkmarkets-I will see if they can enlarge them next time I post one. Thanks so much for reading my commentary!

In this article: NFLX
Has Netflix Out-Binge-Watched Itself?
11 months ago

Thanks for commenting and reading my post-today the stock took a bath-so the technicals have preceded the fundamentals-as they typically do.

In this article: NFLX
Has Netflix Out-Binge-Watched Itself?
11 months ago

Into episode 2 of Ozark-good so far-and the technical precede the fundamentals-today is fell by over $21.00 before the soft bounce. Thanks for reading my commentary!

In this article: NFLX
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Michele Schneider
I think we said it could run to around 199-so yeah-on the zone between 198.50-199
Michele Schneider
35start Dont look a gift horse in the mouth
Michele Schneider
35start HD nearing the target-nice trade
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