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Weekly Financial Review: Stimulus Unemployment Benefits Ending
Ayelet Wolf 7/26/2020 9:25:25 PM

#Musk is crazy, but I think that's part of his appeal to some. $TSLA is a bit of an engima!

Elon Musk Says Panic About Coronavirus, Which Has Killed Over 3,400, Is "Dumb"
Craig Newman 3/8/2020 8:53:26 PM

#Musk is not wrong. Granted, the way the world works that message will probably destroy my calls this week. But, he is not wrong

Tesla Reports Dismal Quarter, Missing Across The Board While Burning $10MM In Cash Every Day
Bill Myers 4/25/2019 3:46:00 AM

I've been a believer in #Tesla for a long time. But #Musk has gone off the deepend and the company is losing money like crazy. I'm thinking it's time to dump $TSLA.

Elon Musk’s Playbook Has Lost Its Shine For Tesla Investors
Dean Gilmore 4/18/2019 2:36:32 AM

Neither #Musk nor #Trump should be allowed to have a Twitter account. It causes them more trouble than not. $TSLA

Tesla Model 3 Delivery Horror Stories Keep Coming In
Charles Howard 11/22/2018 6:52:03 PM

I agree. There's enough sensationalism around #Tesla and #Musk lately without needing to exaggerate the headline as Zerohedge so often does. $TSLA

Tesla’s Cobalt Blues; Growth Fallacies And Supply Chain Risque Majeure
Nicky Paterson 11/9/2018 7:12:31 AM

I think #Musk is a little on the nutty side. Maybe the pressure got to be too much for him.

Tesla's Blowout Earnings, Deepening Criminal Probe, and Same Old Musk
Alpha Stockman 10/28/2018 2:43:28 PM

#Musk is way too cocky. How can he claim the tweet was "worth it?" It cost him $40 million dollars! What did he gain from it except SEC scrutiny and concern among investors for his mental welfare?

Tesla Shares Tumble As Judge Asks SEC To Justify Musk's Sweetheart Deal
Alexa Graham 10/4/2018 6:10:16 PM

#Musk rejected the deal so that's not the reason. But again he rejected the deal so lawsuit is back. THAT'S why $TSLA is down.

The Time Has Come For Apple To Buy Tesla
Dick Kaplan 8/23/2018 2:09:35 PM

This is a fascinating article and an Apple/Tesla partnership or merger would create a formidable presence in this space. But while it's clear why #Tesla and #Musk are in desperate need of a white night to sweep in and save the day, I don't believe you've made the case for how this would benefit #Apple or #TimCook. $TSLA $AAPL

SEC "Will Take A Beating" If Elon Musk Avoids Enforcement Action
Dick Kaplan 8/22/2018 7:39:01 PM

I think people should seriously consider what the #SEC might do about #Musk.

"We Are Not Going Bankrupt" Musk Vows As Tesla Suppliers Panic Over Stopped Payments
Bill Myers 8/21/2018 8:11:07 AM

I don't understand #Musk. It's like he's breaking down. How does crying and confessing that he can't cope and needs to sleep in the office and take ambien supposed to give investors confidence in #Tesla? Concerned for $TSLA

Tesla's Hail Mary Play And Convertible Bond Hokey Pokey
Bruce M. Knoth 8/15/2018 9:44:05 AM

I agree, #Musk does seem desperate. $TSLA

Tesla Discloses Email Sent To Employees About 'Taking Tesla Private'
Alexa Graham 8/12/2018 12:11:56 PM

This should have been released simultaneously as #Musk was tweeting. $TSLA

Tesla Shares Soar On Elon Musk $420 Target Tweet
Bruce Powers 8/8/2018 2:05:36 AM

I hate to say it but this is nuts. And so is #Musk. Now I'm bearish on $TSLA.

Tesla’s Cobalt Blues; Spin, Fake News Or Deception?
Derek Snyder 8/8/2018 1:23:24 AM

#Musk tweeted that he was thinking of taking #Tesla private.

Tesla’s Cobalt Blues; Spin, Fake News Or Deception?
Danny Straus 8/6/2018 10:39:18 PM

Every company has spin. That's the job of a good CEO/PR company. Personally I think #Musk and #Tesla are going to achieve great things. The man is a visionary. Sure, the company has it's share of challenges... what company wouldn't when trying to achieve greatness. But when they succeed, no one will remember these early problems or occasional spin. Bullish on $TSLA

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