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Is Tesla A Bargain Now As It Trades At Two-Year Lows?
Danny Straus 11/22/2022 1:23:53 PM

Trades at 2 year lows and is on the road to bigger profits. No worries here. Bet on #Tesla and #ElonMusk$TSLA

Fallow Tesla
Kurt Benson 7/25/2022 7:34:14 PM

I like #Tesla and love my car, but can't stand #Musk.  He's too unstable and volatile. I think $TSLA would do some much better if he took a backseat and remained the company's Visionary in Chief, and let someone more stable be the CEO.

Elon Musk Wants Out, But Twitter Says It Will Force Him To Close The Sale
James Madison 7/10/2022 11:15:15 PM

From day one I said that I did not believe #Musk was serious about his #Twitter offer.  He says a lot of things on social media that simply isn't true, seemingly only to see what kind of impact it will have.  Remember when he announced on social media that he was ready to take #Tesla private?  That turned out to be BS as well. $TSLA $TWTR

Elon Musk's Twitter Bid Means Political Risk For Tesla
Corey Gaber 4/20/2022 9:29:38 AM

Elon no advertisements policy… 3 million Twitter followers 1/3 of entire base crazy 😜 Only advertising needed friend…The news 🗞 followers he & #Tesla will be fine.  $TSLA

Maybe Not Rush To Buy Twitter, But Definitely Don't Sell
Alpha Stockman 4/20/2022 8:07:40 AM

I don't trust Musk and he's a bit unstable.  Too hard to know if he's serious about all this.  But when he tweeted his intentions  to buy #Twitter, take it private and said sunding was secured, it reminded me that he got into some hot water with the SEC for saying the exact same thing about #Tesla, and it turned out to not be true.  $TWTR $TSLA

Tesla Bought Russian Aluminum To Make Body Shells For Model Y
Adam Reynolds 3/15/2022 8:52:23 PM

A bit confusing here. The article states that #Tesla employees leaked docs showing they bought aluminum from Russia.  But then says " No details were provided in the documents that suggested Russian aluminum was shipped to the US."  So which is it?

Ford Reportedly Plans To Separate Its EV Business: Here's Why
Mike Faragut 2/21/2022 1:24:19 AM

Chief Executive Officer #JimFarley wants to wall off #Ford’s electric operations from its internal combustion engine business and has even considered spinning off one or the other, people familiar with the effort said. A spinoff could generate the kind of earnings multiples that have given #Tesla a market value approaching $1 trillion. 
But splitting the company, which Ford says it isn’t planning, may prove too difficult, so Farley instead may simply separate the EV business internally as its own unit as part of a broad reorganization that seeks to give Ford an edge in the electric age.  $F $TSLA

BofA Predicts Tesla EV Market Share In US Will Collapse From 69% To Just 19% By 2024
James Hunter 1/19/2022 9:38:32 PM

19% of 3M by 2024 is only 570k sales int he US. You willing to bet against #Tesla only selling ~170k more vehicles in two years? $TSLA

Nio Making Big Moves In US, Reports Say Chinese EV Maker Setting Up Shop In California
Harry Sinclair 1/17/2022 2:27:20 PM

#Nio barely sold 10k in December in China, #Tesla sold 70k, yet you think they will do well in US?  $NIO $TSLA

Why This Analyst Thinks Tesla Is A $2,500 Stock, And When It May Reach That Price Target
Christine David 1/3/2022 3:18:56 PM

#Tesla's days are numbered. Other EV companies will destroy them... e.g. #Ford with there trucks alone!! Wait till #Honda and #Toyota come out.

Tesla Rival Nio's December Deliveries Slip 3.6% MoM, More Than Double In 2021
Kurt Benson 1/3/2022 10:27:16 AM

#Tesla Rival #Nio? I don't think so.  Love $TSLA, but $NIO, not so much.

Bitcoin Grinding Slowly Higher, Ethereum Outperforms
Bitcoin Maverick 12/16/2021 1:31:52 PM

Once upon a time ago, #Tesla and #Ethereum were trading at the same price per share/coin. This was about a year ago. Both were 600~

Ether is now 4K while Tesla is 1k.

GM To Invest $3B In Michigan-Based Electric Vehicle Manufacturing
Samantha Wolf 12/16/2021 1:35:02 AM

#Tesla can build 3 factories for that price.  $TSLA

Yes, Cathie Wood's $700,000 Bitcoin Price Prediction Is Legit
Old Time Investor 11/22/2021 2:30:16 AM

I’m normally with Cathie, but 700,000 per coin. What? Ha!

10 trillion dollar valuation on #bitcoin is what she is saying. I’m a bit skeptical as #Tesla just passed 1 trillion in valuation. That’s a complete overthrow in a financial system. Maybe it’s going to happen, however it contradicts her thesis of how technology will cause deflation. Idk. Guess I’ll have to look into her thinkin

Here Is The Gamma Bomb That Just Sparked Tesla's Insane Melt-up
Flat Broke 10/25/2021 7:58:12 PM

I almost bought #Tesla years ago, but a stupid article that Seeking Alpha published convinced me not too!  Big mistake. $TSLA

7 Hype Stocks Powered By Social Media And Loved By Investors
Andrew Armstrong 7/20/2021 7:25:42 PM

Agreed. Though why haven't other companies like #Tesla copied this model? Surely it can't be that hard to replicate? For example, Tesla already has charging stations in place - why not offer pre-charged battery swapping at these locations as well. I bet most owners would gladly sign up for this service.

Though I admit #Nio's other differentiators do sound harder to replicate. I'll be taking a closer look at $NIO.

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