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Telework Mostly Benefits White, Affluent Americans – And Offers Few Climate Benefits
11 days ago

what the hell is your point..what a dumb article

The Stock Market’s Heartless Optimism
3 months ago

What;s your local newspaper? The New York Times? lol

The Stock Market’s Heartless Optimism
3 months ago

"If earnings come in as expected next year – admittedly still a big “if” since revisions continue to be down – stocks are cheap. " Revised? They're all PULLING guidance, As for cheap you must be talking about the garbage energy stocks you own. "$ZM $MSFT $NFLX and $AAPL are NOT cheap.

AGNC Investment Corp. Or General Dynamics: Which Is Suitable For Retirement Accounts?
10 months ago

Good distinction, $AGNC is not for the faint of heart. It's like $NLY or $PSEC, in that wars that been waged over these from both camps.

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Three Dividend And Income CEFs Paying Over 7%
11 months ago

what was the catalyst for the dips

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Bearish Divergences Similar To 2000 & 2007 In Play Again
11 months ago

Even if one doesn't care a blessed penny what the essenpee did 20 years ago, there are enough people that do, and set their little bots to that tune. self-fulfilling herdspeak.

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Earnings Still Looking Good, But…
11 months ago

The market will rally because no one expects it to. People will shrug, scratch their heads, and count their winnings. Same playbook as usual.

Market Briefing For Thursday, August 22
11 months ago

good thoughts. caution is warranted. sitting on my hands for now.

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Recession, Really? Not Based On Today’s Economic Data
11 months ago

Great points as usual Michael - blame the hedge funds wreaking havoc in the bonds. When will they ever learn?

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Risk Is Here, What Are You Going To Do?
11 months ago

Ooh, glad I wasn't around today...inverted yield curve jitters again. Nothing new there. $VIX finally hit the "nervous" level. Same old same old, but August illiquidity kicked in and the downside accelerated.

The big money already went light equities before today. the 3 and 10 has been inverted since May. Suddenly the gold argument makes sense. Hindsight.

Nothing we learned today was new. Algorithmic trading doesn't think. It responds. There is nothing fundamental that would rationalize this move aside from the bond market imploding.

So the market move was inverted to the current temperatures this summer. And it will bask in the headlines tonight and steal the weather's thunder. CNBC will do its "MIT" program tonight because fear buys lot of advertising dollars. This move has been brewing for a long time. The US market just caught the world's flu.

A few disillusioned people will forgo the Starbucks tomorrow and begin a new love affair with McDonald's java. And they'll think about calling their broker.

Can't see the mommasitas telling their kids, no school supplies this year, market just blew thru 25,000.

Don't try to out-think a machine. Don't try to make an intelligent move when you don't have all the facts. We're nowhere near the Dec lows. Where's Trump today? Did he say anything?

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