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E Whatever Happened To Optimism ?
There's lots of pessimism in the market. Here's what I was able to find right now that should make all of the pessimists out there a little less paranoid about the future.
E Deducing The Crash In Oil: How Would Sherlock Holmes Drill Beneath The Headlines?
Is oil right now the biggest threat to the overall market?
E The Dow Transports: Detecting The Issues
Using Sherlock Holmes' method of reasoning to unlock what is really happening to the transports right now.
E Is It Time To Buy The A-Shares?
The unprecedented Chinese stock market rally over the past year has buoyed global interest in investing in China. But the present high levels of leverage may prove particularly problematic.
E Shake Shake Shake: The Shack Shack Metaphor
Something is shaky with Shake Shack - its valuation is a metaphor for, or symptomatic of, a larger issue with the market, the economy and what is ailing us right now.
E Adieu To Don And Mad Men And Women We Love
A timely piece on the eve of the finale of Mad Men and how it affected the parent company AMC Networks, the behavioral shift in viewership and the use of technology that feeds this new form of viewing and how it affected cable TV.
1 to 6 of 6 Posts