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Gene Inger pioneered U.S. financial television and daily technical analysis. His broadcast stations later affiliated with FNN, merging into CNBC where he was an original Market Maven. His views have been quoted in Barron's, the Wall Street Journal, on CNN and now on his own more


E Market Briefing For Friday, June 5
We'll see 'the other side' - of current challenges, in time, but not just yet. That applies to a number of issues: the stock market, civil disobedience or protests, and importantly what is a mixed-message about the pandemic.
E Market Briefing For Thursday, June 4
It's worth keeping-in-mind that the Fed can't bailout insolvent firms in-perpetuity. That matters when you think about the next 'taper tantrum', as the Fed inevitably must chose a spot to back-off open-ended financing.
E Market Briefing For Monday, June 1
Everything is not entirely dependent on a rapid economic recovery, just on the perception of such a revival.
E Market Briefing For Thursday, May 28
Even the modest improvement in oil demand hints at survival of lots of smaller oil companies or others that are depending on banking finance, so those Oils may avoid defaults. That helps banks too.
E Market Briefing For Wednesday, May 27
Today's late 'backing-off' of the S&P and DJIA is attributed to speculation on the U.S. threatening to sanction China over their 'national security law' that's intended to suppress freedom in Hong Kong by intimidation and more.
E Market Briefing For Monday, May 25
Amidst the obvious backdrop the market forges ahead, with a 'Fed Put' as the driving force; and with what I call a handful of 'super-caps' at the helm; and a little better performance in so-called value sectors.


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Market Briefing For Thursday, June 4
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Market Briefing For Wednesday, March 4
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Market Briefing For Wednesday, March 4
3 months ago

The rate cut was to deflect Pandemic Bond default (the WHO declaring a panic would trigger release of those funds, and possibly harm a bank or hedge fund investor. That is what I alluded to last night and discussed on our 3 intraday comments you don't see here. Please join us by subscribing to Daily Briefing ($159.) at and this week as the market alternates big moves, I'll upgrade you to our Premium MarketCast (normally 390) 'on the house'. I cannot just provide everything here without compensation. Thanks!

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Market Briefing For Thursday, Aug. 2
1 year ago

Gene is humble and proud to be the only guy not shorting and believing the S&P would go to the moon 'if' Trump won back in 2016. Now a bit more concerned but only from a cyclical not secular basis.

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Market Briefing For Monday, July 23
1 year ago

thanks Gary... I didn't mean to imply tariffs help; in fact with the G-20 removing a provision regarding 'competitive devaluations' in their communique today (I'm sure media will talk about it tomorrow, or should); you have greater risk of trade and tariff issues being joined by a currency war too. I'll touch on this and a single key market impediment at my Seminar here in Chicago tomorrow as I've already shared with our regular subscribers. Let me point out that I have NOT shorted this market once this year or last year; even as expressing concern after we got our 'to the moon' rally on Trump's election. I urged investors to separate political from investment views back then (Nov. 6 2016) and get in the market fully if he won; even if they hated Trump. Now we had the move; time not to be greedy even if it doesn't fall apart. The only two stocks I picked on the buy side at midyear are doing well by the way. Anyway I'm being chatty; working up to the speech tomorow haha...happy Sunday.

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Market Briefing For Friday, June 15
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Market Briefing For Monday, March 25
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