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Gene Inger pioneered U.S. financial television daily technical analysis. His stations later affiliated with FNN, merging into CNBC where he was an original Market Maven. His views have been quoted in Forbes, Barrons, the Wall Street Journal, on CNN and daily for subscribes to his Daily Briefing on ...more

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Market Briefing For Tuesday June 11
For weeks I've hoped Apple would not build the pile of 'code' that is Siri into a mountain of insurmountable code subject to 'landslides'. So, I am excited that they were very clever, and did not.
Market Briefing For Monday June 10
Low level volatility amid complacency can lead to reversals. But we're not there yet, with NVDA split and Apple AI news pending.
Market Briefing For Thursday June 6
Bull-bear squabbles persist, with extended meg-cap activity, also moribund smaller-cap action, as most aspects measuring markets essentially remain in a pending mode for the most part.
Market Briefing For Wednesday June 5
The economic data continues learning in the difficult condition I've described a variation on stagflation and a variation only because of societal bifurcation.
Market Briefing For Monday June 3
Air-pockets in mega-caps have reinforced views we've shared about the increased risk in the handful of overpriced leaders. Let's see how they do as we get into June.
Market Briefing For Thursday, May 30
Moderating activity or even a slightly negative tone to 'Beige Book' data out today, reflected what we already know: moderating wage increases, continued high prices, and the contours the Fed wants are sort of lacking.
Market Briefing For Wednesday, May 29
First time in a hundred years, stock market transactions now settle in just a day. Given the digital speed of the era, the only surprise is that it took so long.
Daily Briefing - For May 24, 2024
Pent-up selling into strength - finally arrived; albeit not in the most-hyped AI sector; almost exclusively. So far this is actually healthy; while characteristics of a 'vacuum' of 'bids pulled' gets attention; and it was a key reversal session.
Market Briefing For Thursday, May 23, 2024
Debts are piling-up...with more Americans challenged to keep-up. That's my take on the credit card debt, which might be viewed with a bit more concern than expressed by the FOMC today.
Market Briefing For Wednesday, May 22
The 'tone' of the market remains about the same Tuesday. 'Ranging' S&P'; defensive action, psychology dependent on Nvidia tomorrow, but otherwise it's muted.
Market Briefing For Tuesday, May 21
I do not think people are as over-excited about stocks as bears contended. I sense frustration that so few stocks participated. In fact, that's a bullish argument for the future.
Market Briefing For Monday, May 20, 2024
It's not easy; but it is a stock picker's market when the Indexes are so high.Very much a selective scenario, with no assurances.
Market Briefing For Thursday, May 16
CPI indeed was a tad shy of consensus; but dig into it and it would be lower by a considerable degree if not for increases in things like 'auto insurance'.
Market Briefing For Wednesday, May 15
Less opaque monetary policy was elucidated by Fed Chairman Powell in an interview, in-which he was more candid that usual about 'how' data like the PPI infer higher inflation.
Market Briefing For Tuesday, May 14
A tight trading range dominated Monday's S&P action, while participation remains high, breadth is pretty good, and a flush-out coming is debatable.
Market Briefing For Monday, May 13, 2024
Upside continuity without rest is unrealistic, even as breadth expands, and so under-fills some of the 'fluff' coming out of a lot of mega-cap market leaders.
1 to 16 of 1208 Posts
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