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S Market Briefing For Wednesday, May 18
Perceived risks are obvious which increasingly gets shorts nervous, as the S&P firms a bit. However it has not yet attacked key resistance levels at all.
S Market Briefing For Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Riding volatility has characterized sequential shuffling clearly around what might be called last-ditch of 'capitulation-risk' levels for the S&P around 4000.
S Market Briefing For Monday, May 16th
Momentum-shifting signals prevailed in the past few days' activity; with mega-cap stocks hammered about as much as feasible in the short run, with the longer-run prospects variable.
S Market Briefing For Thursday, May 12
Stocks being punished for excess 'price' levels are primarily mega-caps and/or susceptible to a prolonged supply-chain disruption, mostly due to China's COVID lockdowns.
S Market Briefing For Wednesday, May 11
Variables lack clarity on a global basis, so that's an inhibiting factor for any rebounds. That backdrop contributes to what's called a 'lack of liquidity' in regular-way trading.
S Market Briefing For Monday, May 9
If situations deteriorate, big caps could have false starts, break lows and still lead to interesting rebounds.


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Market Briefing For Monday, Nov. 15
6 months ago

P.S. Our pick of the year 'spec' Rockley RKLY is jumping; and 'investment pick of the year' AEHR Test Systems has quadrupled and consolidating.

In this article: AMD, NVDA, SPX, VIX, NYA
Market Briefing For Monday, Nov. 15
6 months ago

Basically you're saying the same thing I am: the 'bar' has been raised and the 'floor' on price mediation or retreat will stay at a higher level now.

In this article: AMD, NVDA, SPX, VIX, NYA
Market Briefing For Wednesday, Nov. 10
6 months ago

Good point; I certainly did not dig into that issue so deeply; although my point is simply policies of an anti-petroleum industry bias while advocating buying more from Saudi Arabia; which is nuts.

In this article: AMZN, TSLA, LPTH, VIX, LAZR, HOOD
Market Briefing For Monday, Nov. 1
6 months ago

I'm just the messenger; and foretold this would be an enduring inflation; not transitory; months ago. I agree it's a negative factor. By the way; 'enjoy the weekend' was correct; whatever they quote here is an excerpt of my PRIOR day's report sent to our paying subscribers. So on Monday on this site you see 'portions' of what I wrote on Friday; and none of the stock writeups or videos.

In this article: , SPX, F, MSFT, USO, FB, VIX, NYA
Market Briefing For Monday, Oct. 4
6 months ago

Thanks for enhancing my knowledge of SiC; in the case of AEHR i'm presuming the burn-in test gear is intended for the large wafers before being cut-up; but I'm not so deeply in the weeds on it, at least not yet. Thanks for the thoughts! Gene

In this article: AAPL, INTC, SPX, NYA
Market Briefing For Monday, Oct. 18
7 months ago

I happened to check this site myself today; and glad to see 'TalkMarkets' is complying with my request to not share my videos 'or' specific stock selections. By email every evening we do this for actual subscribers, and invite you to join us by signing-up at (not for highlights but Daily Briefing). Thanks and we hope to deliver another home run with our newest pick this weekend, after our 'pick of the year' AEHR already tripled and despite that has more to go. I welcome your feedback as well. Cheers! Gene

In this article: T, NFLX, SPX, VIX, NYA
Market Briefing For Wednesday, Oct.13
7 months ago

S&P, NASDAQ, New York Composite, Oscillators and other charts are ONLY available to members of my website Daily Briefing. Join and send feedback and I'll upgrade you to MarketCast on the house for awhile. Only if you mention hearing about my work on TalkMarkets. And please understand that I need to redact most of my analysis shared here as a rumor is that we are a small business and have zero income if you don't subscribe :). Thank you. Gene

In this article: AEHR
Market Briefing For Thursday, Sept. 23
7 months ago

Thanks for the kind words; when I grow up I'll get more concise :). Although not discussed in these excerpts our new pick of AEHR Test Systems went insane... we're in at 5-6 and it's near 14 in just 3 weeks. Yes we're holding. And our LPTH at 2 is looking interesting; SRNE is a laggard but of course could double on a dime if FDA approves the antigen test. (Hope that helps; welcome any of you guys & gals as actual subscribers.)

Market Briefing For Tuesday, Sept. 7
8 months ago

Thanks you Roger.

In this article: VIX, F, PFE, XOM, SRNE, UGA, NDX, SPX
Market Briefing For Thursday, Aug. 5
9 months ago

I have reflected on the 'genocide' concept; as well as the CCP 'possibly' trying to demoralize the American people with this virus.... if it were used in a biowar not inadvertently released. However the outcome can be the same; hence we are in a biowar with the CCP and I emphasize the CCP since the Chinese people also are in the sights of their leadership's 'weapon'. Ideally this would threaten the CCP itself; along with their crackdown on fintech and so on. I'm limiting further comments on this website since there's a rumor I'd like to be compensated at least a bit for my work :). All the best and thanks for commenting; I'll have more comments soon if the virus doesn't do us all in (it almost got me early this year).

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