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E Market Briefing For Thursday, May 13
Another washout and bounce likely, but so far it appears a lot of hedge funds are trapped.
E Market Briefing For Wednesday, May 12
A massive reversal lagged for a couple hours before catching a 'real bid'. Once it did great; but not very broadly; so the prospects for this being just the kind of reprieve I talked of before today is enhanced. To wit: a relief rally.
E Market Briefing For Tuesday, May 11
Potential cybersecurity solutions are rarer than the numerous hackers, or and self-designated experts on computer security. It's one reason we're aware of protecting our passwords or log-in credentials.
Market Briefing For Monday, May 10
This isn't a 'deeper the problem the higher the market goes' scenario; just seems like it.
E Market Briefing For Thursday, May 6
Wednesday was fairly stock specific (Peleton etc.), as well pharma, as the White House decided to vanquish vaccine IP rights, slapping those stocks counting on years-long revenue streams. Oils and other energy stocks stood out with strength.
E Market Briefing For Wednesday, May 5
Janet Yellen said 'interest rates may need to rise moderately', and that's a part of the backdrop, though S&P has been set-up for decline for awhile.


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Market Briefing For Thursday, May 13
1 day ago

Please visit and subscribe to our Daily Briefing. If you do so this week and mention TalkMarket in feedback to me, and I'll 'comp' the intraday MarketCasts to you at no extra charge. I have provided much of my work here for far too long; even though without videos (voice over charts.. technical analysis primarily). To continue doing so we need to see a response from readers here; which is why I will reward personal feedback so I know you read this post. I'm pretty much back to full speed; after (miraculously) surviving Covid and a more than two months hospital stay. (How I did so and how I have my strength somewhat back remains a mystery to me.)

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Market Briefing For Monday, Oct. 5
7 months ago

What I do is a 'blend' of everything; and I try to be centrist with politics and just explain what happens depending on the outcome. These 'freebie' reports are a courtesy and do NOT include my chart videos, stock discussions or any picks, such as our writeup's about Sorrento Therapeutics or LightPath. So if you care about individual stocks or technical analysis; try our Service.

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Market Briefing For Wednesday, July 29
9 months ago

It's like the Spanish Flu of 1918-19... suffering and a recession; but it led to the Roaring 20's and that might happen this time too; despite all the belief that monetary policies will inhibit that. I'm compassionate and lost a cousin to this horror last week; but life goes on and might as well be trading markets independent of impulsive or emotional reactions to events; which is often the wrong moves to make. We've nailed this as you know from reading my excerpts here; and I hope you understand that I was in tears hearing back in February from people who said our warnings helped them get PPE and protect families at a time Washington wasn't advising it. And since turning bullish on March 23rd it's been great. Checkout $AMD, $LPTH and $SRNE all of which we owned and own.

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Market Briefing For Wednesday, July 29
9 months ago

Indeed... my Sorrento (SRNE) suggestion at 4 is working out great; and their on site testing and a possible 'pill' is really the needed solution. I'll welcome you as a subscriber if you like; as I'm going to have to curtail allowing other websites from quoting more than a paragraph or two of my work (no compensation); heck I enjoy sharing but gotta pay the 'lectric bill (JK).. cheers!

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Market Briefing For Thursday, July 23
9 months ago

Thanks kindly William... I usually delve into the 'psychology' of the market more in my nightly videos; which are not posted here in fairness to paying subscribers at my website. In fact I should require these excerpts be reduced further in fairness to me! haha. Stay safe in this crazy time.

Market Briefing For Thursday, June 18
11 months ago

Yes Noah, I discuss China in many reports and videos and portions of the Daily Reports you don't see in these complimentary excerpts. I welcome you to join our full Daily Briefing by subscribing at cheers! Gene

Market Briefing For Thursday, June 18
11 months ago

Thanks Karen- this is about half of it; as voice-over-video charts and more technical comments are in the 'Daily action' portion NOT provided in these excerpts. I welcome you to join our full Daily Briefing by subscribing at cheers! Gene

Market Briefing For Monday, June 8
11 months ago

To see my full report (this is an abridged version without most stocks and chart videos) pleas subscribe to my Daily Briefing at thanks! Gene

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Market Briefing For Thursday, June 4
11 months ago

I'm the author.. Gene Inger... I didn't see any recent comments or questions until today... sorry.. I never logged into properly before. Questions can be posed on our website feedback, or we'd welcome you to join our regular daily service. During the crisis we include full MarketCast service (intraday as well as the nightly) at NO extra charge. I'll be glad to respond to questions about the service if you email me; but I probably won't see questions here. Thanks; and I appreciate the warm comments about our warning of a crash back in early February and nailing the max-fear low around March 22. Now it's a bit more dicey. Visit us.. (you won't see a mention of the free upgrade; just subscribe to Daily Briefing). Questions? Email me: gene

Market Briefing For Wednesday, March 4
1 year ago

thanks! when you sign-up you might also send me feedback or an email to: gene and that way I'll know it was from TalkMarkets and set it up with the upgraded service.

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