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Gene Inger pioneered U.S. financial television and daily technical analysis. His broadcast stations later affiliated with FNN, merging into CNBC where he was an original Market Maven. His views have been quoted in Barron's, the Wall Street Journal, on CNN and now on his own more


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E Market Briefing For Jan. 21, 2020
Davos will dominate financial media in the week ahead, with perhaps a few interesting observations about the risks of monetary expansion and the struggles of the banking system
E Market Briefing For Jan. 13, 2020
There's no catalyst to warrant committing new funds as yet; although I expected 'recent' extensions, and leaned very clearly towards a China Deal coming; with initially higher S&P records.
E Market Briefing For Jan. 6, 2020
The recent tensions go beyond Iran - the heart of the concern are the power-vacuum risks. But how will this affect the markets?
E Market Briefing For Jan. 2, 2020
It's hard to imagine a new year without more actual profitability; but few seem to imagine how diverse all this is.
E Market Briefing For Monday, Dec. 30
This year has been all about Fed-driven liquidity triggering expansion, though not earnings growth overall.
E Market Briefing For Friday, Dec. 27
Stay tuned as we are obviously focused on possible monetary shifts. For the moment the 'Repo' issue persists.
E Market Briefing For Monday, Dec. 23
The trick this year has been to recognize that a handful of big-caps were leading the market; while the elves that were needed to fully trim the tree only recently showed up.
E Market Briefing For Monday, Dec. 16
We remain circumspect while market stresses are notably alleviated by making a 'Phase One' deal with China (superficial or not); ideally finalizing it sufficient to hold markets together for now.
E Market Briefing For Wednesday, Dec. 11
The market is neutral; debt issues are again being discussed; a Fed meeting is expected to yield no changes, but listen to statements for any hint of the future.
E Market Briefing For Wednesday, Nov. 27
We may be in a cyclical bullmarket beginning, not a decade ago, but last Christmas. In a perfect world it has longer to go.
E Market Briefing For Monday, Nov. 18
At this pace, the Bears are getting clobbered and will really be carved up by Turkey Day if this doesn't simmer down.
E Market Briefing For Monday, Nov. 11
As market traders or rumor-mongers make more of rampant skepticism regarding the trade progress than is warranted, little changes.
E Market Briefing For Wednesday-Thursday, Nov. 6-7
One big question is what's going to drive earnings higher at this point; and that's a valid topic.
E Market Briefing For Tuesday, Nov. 5
Economics need to catch up with stocks to justify any sustainability, much less an expansion.
Market Briefing For Monday, Nov. 4
Skepticism reigns supreme as the S&P surges to record highs. But what really matters is reaching a trade deal with China.
E Market Briefing For Monday, Oct. 28
This year we don't have a Fall collapse (at least not so far) and that's fine.
1 to 16 of 473 Posts
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