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GM Beats Expectations On Top And Bottom Line
Video By: CNBC
Tuesday, January 31, 2023 9:30 AM EST
General Motors reported its latest quarterly earnings.
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Intraday Technical Analysis Of General Motors Company
Article By: AAATrade
Tuesday, January 31, 2023 7:58 AM EST
Looking at the GM’s chart, we can see that it was lastly traded at around $36.27.
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Here's What Wall St. Experts Are Saying About These Automakers Ahead Of Earnings
Article By: The Fly
Monday, January 30, 2023 4:00 PM EST
GM expected to report Q4 EPS of $1.69 on revenue of $40.65B, Ford expected to report Q4 EPS of 62c on revenue of $40.37B.
In this article: F, GM Also: AXL, DPZ, LEA, ROK, SRE, VALE, SPWR, TSLA, MVST, WEJO
GM Jumps 5% After Reaffirming EBIT Guide, Beating Q3 Estimates
Article By: Tyler Durden
Tuesday, October 25, 2022 8:45 AM EST
General Motors shares are up about 5% in the pre-market session after the automaker reaffirmed its full-year adjusted EBIT guidance, which was higher than analyst expectations, after also reporting better-than-expected third-quarter results. 
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General Motors Vs. Ford: Which Auto Stock Should You Buy?
Article By: Zacks Investment Research
Wednesday, October 12, 2022 2:40 AM EST
The Automotive-Domestic Industry is in the top 36% of over 250 Zacks Industries and two stocks investors may consider buying out of the group are General Motors and Ford Motor Company.
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The Top Four Fractional Shares To Start Building Wealth Today
Adam Reynolds 6/29/2021 2:04:29 PM

I agree that graphite is the new gold. The demand for graphite will exceed the supply in two years. There are over 225 battery factories under construction globally.

What's your take on $NMG (Nouveau Monde Graphite) though? I heard on StockTwits they may be partnering with a major auto manufacturer like %TSLA, $GM or $F soon.

GM Doesn't Actually Have A Working Hummer EV, Yet
Kurt Benson 10/25/2020 5:49:41 PM

So why the rush to release before #Tesla's ER? To try to steal the thunder but ending up with pie in the face. #GM should know better than that by now...or is it a desperate attempt to survive. $TSLA $GM

GM Doesn't Actually Have A Working Hummer EV, Yet
IB Trading 10/25/2020 5:45:54 PM

$TSLA $GM say mean vaporware...

Rare Earths Sector ETF (REMX) Booming Again On Trade War With China
Adam Reynolds 5/27/2019 2:51:53 PM

How shortsighted of $GM to have sold the rights to this technology to the Chinese. Now we're at their mercy.

How I'm Playing General Mills Using Options
Alpha Stockman 1/18/2019 6:37:14 AM

Yes, I would certainly say $GM has had a bad year.

Is Tesla Counting on a Billion Dollar Regulatory Credit Bonanza?
Kurt Benson 9/20/2018 12:32:08 PM

At one time #GM had over 100,000 in tax credits for large SUVs like Hummers. Why don't you put tax credits into perspective so it does not sound like #Tesla is taking taxpayers' money! $GM $TSLA

Buffett Stocks In Focus: General Motors
Moon Kil Woong 3/1/2017 4:18:28 AM

I don't deny $GM is worth looking at at current valuation. That said, I'd pick up #Ford before #GM if I wanted to get into the auto sector.

Daimler: Discounted Auto Stock with a 5% Dividend Yield
Craig Richards 12/25/2016 1:38:22 AM

$GM and $F are going to suffer huge losses if #Trump continues to take #China on as an adversary! Let's not forget #Mexico either!

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