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2019: World Economy Is Reaching Growth Limits; Expect Low Oil Prices, Financial Turbulence
Gary Anderson 1/9/2019 4:36:46 PM

My concern is that #China has room to grow but #Trump seeks to limit that growth. #Energy is important, but is not the only factor. Trump's tariff war is an attempt to bully the weak, but China is far from weak. It is America that is weak. Trump is miscalculating. Here is proof:

The Tech War Happening Beyond The Great Fire Wall: Who Will Win?
Dean Gilmore 2/19/2018 11:51:38 AM

#China is the king of pirating. I wonder though... did these companies simply steal their US counterpart's ideas? If so, there's nothing inherently wrong with it. Building a better mousetrap is good for competition and good for consumers. But did they just steal the idea, or did they steal/copy the techonology underthehood as well? That would be illegal in the US, but gets a pass in China if it benefits a Chinese company at the expense of the US.

How The "Currency Cold War" Between The US And China Could Heat Up
Bill Johnson 2/17/2017 12:55:58 AM

Very well done. You've summed up a complex issue rather well. I believe #Trump wouldn't think twice about direct protectionism. He seems to have no qualms about instituting punitive tariffs on #China.

What Should Trump Do With Free Trade?
Gary Anderson 1/8/2017 4:07:51 PM

#Tariffs could cause fewer people to buy durable goods. And bringing factories back only to be automated will eliminate all those customers in #China and elsewhere who make stuff and then buy American products. Automation is part of the reason that Christmas was so lame. If you eliminate customers anywhere, you eliminate sales. The world could be entirely automated and capitalism would probably fail and be overthrown.

Tesla Is About To Go On A Wild Ride…Thanks To China
Barry Hochhauser 12/25/2016 2:57:09 AM

I agree, this development in #China could be very interesting for the #AutoIndustry and #Tesla in particular. But I'm curious - you say that more cars are sold in China than any place else. While I believe that's likely the case, would it be true for Tesla which are far more expensive? I would think it would be too high for the average individual. $TSLA

Daimler: Discounted Auto Stock with a 5% Dividend Yield
Craig Richards 12/25/2016 1:38:22 AM

$GM and $F are going to suffer huge losses if #Trump continues to take #China on as an adversary! Let's not forget #Mexico either!

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