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The Cost Of Running Corporate America
26 days ago

What do you think of AABB AABBG.X a Gold miner/gold cryptocurrency Exchange first and only (mine to token)?

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Hot Or Not
3 months ago

The author is clearly biased against $AMC.

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The One Thing Foreshadowing Silver’s Next Move
6 months ago

What is not told here is how the chart has been painted, ie. is made to look this way due to massive intervention and suppression of price discovery, no?

If there wasn’t this amount of manipulation there would be no point to #silver squeeze, in other words, if true price discovery was permitted then there would be no “squeeze potential. Any one agree?

A Brutal Week For Stocks May Grow Worse As The Short Squeeze Continues
7 months ago

Wow, carnage is right!

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Silver Forecast: Looking For Higher Levels
1 year ago

Good stuff.

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Coronavirus: Let's Move On
1 year ago

I'm curious to know what the death rate was here. People keep saying the virus is deadly, and I know 1/2 million have already died, but we've never had a situation like this where a city simply let it run rampant and infect everyone. Such an interesting case study.

Does The Future Scare You?
1 year ago

You may be right. I don't think anything changed much after the Pandemic of 1918. So why would this be different?

I'm A Coronavirus Heretic. Here's Why...
1 year ago

I think I am going to cry!

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