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Apple Is Headed To Court Over Missing Text Messages
6 years ago

I think it has always been Apple's business strategy, closed operating system. Good to figure a way out by lawsuit.

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Daily Linkfest
6 years ago

Great links and articles! Thank you!

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Is The Fed Targeting Another Bubble?
6 years ago

Great read! Though I can follow your logic and understand your listed evidences convincing me that the Fed "must be" targeting another bubble, I think one should not eliminate other possibilities as well. As you have said, "all else is never equal", things might happen when the Fed actually aims at some other targets when keeping the low interest rate...

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Great Graphic: World Poverty In 2000 Was About US Level On Eve Of Civil War
6 years ago

Though you have mentioned several times in the article, "world poverty, according to the definition employed here", I am still confused about the what the definition is exactly. Is there a line for all countries or it is calculated as a weighted average of each countries poverty ratio?

What You Need To Know About Timing The Market
6 years ago

Another story about "no one can beat the market"?

Guess Who Is Assumed To Live Longer In The U.S. – Most Everyone
6 years ago

Interesting. This probably also explains why more elderly people are working in current years.

Continuing Proof Of Structural Changes In The U.S. Workforce
6 years ago

Nice charts!! Very informative!!

UBS: 64% Of Chinese Smartphone Buyers Intend To Buy The IPhone 6
6 years ago

"subscription businesses with low churn, its market cap might be able to double and would have upside potential to US $266 per share." Actually the situation is far more complicated than what can be solved just by launching a new subscription for Chinese market. There are two main telecommuter companies in China, which is like verizon, att and tmoile in US, and there already exist iphone subscription services provided by one of the company. Set aside the fact that the actual price is still higher than the price in US after taking into consideration of exchange rate fluctuation and the fact that the services provided are complicated to understand and oh the fact that it is not possible to convert your phone number from one provider to the other, the problem is also kind of political related. So,to me, this statement is just as naive as it sounds like.

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The Perfect Option Strategy For Volatile Times
6 years ago

Thank you for pointing out the fact that "they deliberately try to obscure simple concepts just to keep the business to themselves" and start the series...To me, knowing how to derive the black-scholes formula doesn't give me more insights about option trading. Look forward to your next article!

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