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Defeating Hamas Takes More Than Bombs
4 months ago

Great read. Thank you.

2 Electric Vehicle Stocks Recently Downgraded By Goldman Sachs
5 months ago

This is old new trying once again to overshadow good news. SAD that Goldman is so short in the companies and hoping they don't get caught is a terrible prediction.

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Should Tesla Try To Acquire Ford Or GM In 2021?
8 months ago

No! Way too much debt on both those companies. Wait for the next bankruptcy and buy what's left.

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The 3 Most Shorted Stocks That Could Be The Next GameStop
8 months ago

Who would have thought #GameStop would get this crazy?! Wish I had bought it sooner. $GME. Maybe $BBBY, $AMC, and $FUBO will be the next GameStop, if only I had a crystal ball to know for sure.

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90% Days: A Key To Market Capitulation
9 months ago

Good read, thanks.

US Coronavirus Outlook
1 year ago

I find it odd that they chose to have this discussion when Dr. Fauci was unavailable, and then used his name to give it credibility, claiming he endorsed it when he did no such thing.

Have all these independent, non-partisan agencies like the CDC and USPS become politicized?

The Perils Of The Covid-19 Trade War
1 year ago

Any updates on this?

Changing The Way We Fight Covid-19
1 year ago

This is very eye opening. I've always thought of lockdowns as saving lives. I hadn't realized they could cost more to die from things like hunger, than the disease itself might have killed.

Why A Great Reset Based On Green Energy Isn’t Possible
1 year ago

Excellent analysis. You've taken a very complex concept and made it understandable.

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