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Love discussing trade ideas with others with similar interests.  Particularly inteterested in pharmaceuticals, gold and other precious metals.

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It's Good To Be A Guinea Pig
1 month ago

It's an interesting idea to let those suffering from cancer to be the guinea pigs for a cancer mRNA treatment. But with so much fake news trying to claim that Covid isn't real/serious or that the vaccines are worse than the disease, expanding that to cancer could be an uphill battle.

The GOP Is Dead, And Few Of Us Are Saddened By Its Demise
1 month ago

Why do you say that? Nikki Haley has always been unwavering in her support of Trump. And she left his administrations on good terms, a rare feat! Yes, she criticized Trump's handling of the riot, but certainly we can all agree that Trump could have been a bit more careful with his words, if only so people couldn't have blamed him for a crazed mob's violent reaction.

And he should have called on the protestors to stop sooner. But can we really condemn her for offering some honest constructive criticism? What lese is there not to like about Haley? She's someone who could be the future of the GOP and who could easily win back some of those who were turned off by Trump's rhetoric, while keeping those who shared his policy views.

Why The Gold Bull Will Run For Years
2 months ago

I couldn't agree more Linda Willis. Bitcoin skyrockets, then takes a nose dive over and over again. It's unregulated, susceptible to hacking, and is being scrutinized by the SEC. Unless you are a criminal, I just don't understand the appeal. The risk is unlike anything else I've seen.

Into The Ether(eum)
2 months ago

I would think after the SEC decided to pursue #Ripple ($XRP-X), people would be far more wary of crypto in general. Do they think other cryptocurrencies will be immune? Ripple is likely a test case.

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Throwing Caution
3 months ago

Not sure what "March 2020...right as millennials got going" means. Did you mean to say right as the pandemic got going?

Opening Up The Economy, Case By Case
3 months ago

Yes Gary, I believe Trump's behavior was even shocking to his critiques. I wonder if he and Pence are even talking. Rioters were chanting "hang Mike Pence." Had things gone badly, Trump could have arranged the lynching of his own VP.

Stocks, Bitcoin, And Gold - How Much Are They Worth?
3 months ago

#Bitcoin was intended to be a digital currency, not tied to any specific government entity and to be completely autonomous. I've never been a fan since I find it highly volatile, too useful for criminals, and too subjective to the whims of governments who could easily make it illegal.

Will 2021 Be The Year Of The Bitcoin ETF?
3 months ago

#Bitcoin at $100k? I think you are dreaming if you think it could ever get that high.

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Opening Up The Economy, Case By Case
3 months ago

Gary, I too did not like Trump, but only because I thought him to be racists, misogynist, crooked, hateful and dishonest (I could go on). He certainly was not presidential. But that doesn't mean I was a Trump hater who refused to acknowledge any good he did, nor do I disagree 100% with all of his policies.

I didn't believe in this "Trump cult" nonsense until the aftermath of the election. Too many of my well educated friends are fully convinced that Covid is mostly a Democratic hoax (as Trump claimed) and that the election was stolen from him due to fraud. They believe every word he says, no matter how ridiculous, and despite the fact that there is zero evidence, and that every court threw out his lawsuits. They are convinced that the entire world is aligned against Trump. It is scary how Trump has half the country completely mesmerized. The only thing in recent history that comes to mind as comparable is how Hitler was able to keep his countrymen hanging on his every word and believing every lie, and convinced them to turn on their fellow citizens.

Trump scares me.

XRP: From Most Powerful Ever To Most Concerning, In One Month
3 months ago

It's been crazy reading about Ripple! More like "most delisted" next month.

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