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Financial Accountant

Love discussing trade ideas with others with similar interests.  Particularly inteterested in pharmaceuticals, gold and other precious metals.


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Michele Grant Commented on What Are The Benefits Of The Blockchain?:

Carol Wydra, #Crypto is ideal for criminals who want to avoid the eyes of the government. The US has those as much as any other country.

Michele Grant Commented on Is Litecoin Just A Testnet For Bitcoin Or A Vastly Undervalued Cryptocurrency?:

They are both overvalued and very risky investments.

Michele Grant Commented on Is Goldman Sachs Too Pessimistic In Forecasting A 10% Gold Price Hike?:

I'll never understand how so many people got caught up in the #crpyto craze rather than the proven safety and staying power of #gold.

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AAPL Apple Inc.
ABX Barrick Gold Corporation
ACT Actavis plc
AGN Allergan Inc.

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