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Risks of Medication

Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 11:34 AM EST

Thanks to everyone who wrote or prayed for my husband after my emergency email of this morning.

We're back from the clinic with an appointment for my husband with a cardiologist. The fall and his unsteadiness were attributed, not to jet lag or drink, but to a too-high dose of his heart medicine prescription written right before we left New York, by a young female cardiologist. Moreover he was taking it on an empty stomach when the label says it may make you dizzy if not taken with food. And furthermore he was still taking a statin without either the patient or the doctor speaking about this. I was thinking of suing but apparently it doesn't work against doctors doing their jobs. Our son has been delegated to check with his mother-in-law, a GP herself who knows the patient better than his new heart doctor and will do long distance medicine on his behalf.

The big news here is that Boris Johnson overnight forgot where he had been yesterday, Darlington in Yorkshire. And that Jeremy Corbyn wants to re-run the Brexit referendum and with the UK unions is now favoring remain if the alternative is a no-deal walkout from the European Union.

That would be lovely except the chief Labour Party whip (the guy who makes the members of parliament go to vote and vote right) has resigned over anti-semitism. Meanwhile the UK ambassador to the US has become poisonous and persona non-grata. President Trump said he had been told “he is a pompous fool.” The pound sterling has fallen to a 2-yr low.

Trumpet is also claiming that he is protecting the environment. The man is shameless.

Ross Perot has died back in the home of the brave. I think he had a lot of influence on the present Administration. The Japanese firm which developed Hello-Kitty, San Rio, was fined euros 6.2 mn for luring viewers to order chocolates from advertisers who kept them from looking for the cheapest branded chocolates or cups rather than any licensed dealer.

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Susan Miller 1 year ago Member's comment

So sorry to hear this Vivian, best wishes for your and your husband on his recovery.