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Vivian Lewis is editor and founder of, the daily blog newsletter for Americans and others seeking to internationalize their portfolios. She brings unique experience and competence to the business of picking foreign stocks.

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Funds Performance Table For September
Performance tables may only be accessed by paid subscribers. Join them and gain from!
Performance Tables - As Of August 31, 2020
Performance tables are usually only available to paid subscribers.
Performance Table
My Global-Investing subscribers can see the latest performance table here.
Final Table
Because I am moving back to TD Ameritrade (as I cannot trade OTC or foreign stocks with my new BofA Merrill account), I want to post our most recent gains for my subscribers.
Another Table
These tables are for my readers (and me) because once again I am doing an ACAT away from BofA-Merrill which no longer covers pink sheet or foreign stocks, or even Canadian. I am moving back to TD Ameritrade.
Global Investing Closed-End And Exchange-Traded Funds
Performance tables may only be accessed by paid subscribers. Join them and gain from!
Why Global Investing?
We cover American Depositary Receipts, foreign stocks traded in the USA.Use ADRs to diversify your portfolio in sectors which hardly exist here. Foreign stocks offer higher growth or higher yields. Their economy or healthcare may beat USA.
Internet Outage: No Blog Today
Today Charterror restored my phone line and this took down my internet. So my regular Friday blog post will appear on Monday. Meanwhile, it has been a messy day after China hit the world with bad news,
Our 2020 Outlook And The Coronavirus
Our 2020 outlook and that of lots of other pundits failed to spot a great unknown risk to world economies, another virus outbreak in China.
I accurately predicted the market selloff from the new highly contagious Chinese corona virus. It is not much fun being proven right in this fashion.
Finnish shares are the most disappointing in the world, perhaps because the country's very name breathes negativism, "finish". That was true of both our shares from Helsinki today.
Risks Of Medication
Thanks to everyone who wrote or prayed for my husband after my emergency this morning. Also news on Boris Johnson, President Trump and Ross Perot.
Czar Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Today's Financial Times had an amazing interview with Vladimir Putin in which he decided that classical liberalism was “obsolete” and no longer needed.
ADR Alert
More info on the December settlement.
Sunday File
I just posted the performance tables on, which show nice gains with an unfortunate consequence, that our yield portfolio lost two decent pay-out entities last week, a bond that was called and a stock that was taken over.
We Called It: Benitec Common Stock Up 104.5%; Warrants Doubled
I have written regularly about Benitec and encouraged my subscribers to invest. Today Benitec common stock rose 104.5% in Australia and I'm happy to report its warrants also doubled. Axovant went up 18% premarket.
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