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Fintech Cyber Attacks
It now appears that cyberattacks were responsible for shut downs of major marketplaces during the late summer of last year.
E Dogs Of War
Unleashing the dogs of war has led to commodity price rises, not just for the most-watched oil prices, but also for copper, palladium, platinum, and the barbaric relic, gold, along with non-relic bitcoin.
E Good News Bad News Day
Sweden has been the first country to exit negative interest rates despite a long tradition of using them to cool off the economy. This may spread and hurt the US.
E Boris Bounce; Trump Tripwire
Boris Johnson beat the pollsters handily and Britain went into holiday mode. Meanwhile back on Capitol Hill, the on-again-off-again trade deal with China was on again on. The drug price limits bill is dead in the water which will boost pharma stocks.
E Hung Parliament Risk
The weather in London is sunny and pleasant, not too cold. If it remains as nice, the UK election will see more voters than would turn out if the icy winds and storms had continued.
E Turkey
The United Auto Workers union used its vacation camp to win members reluctant to strike on behalf of rival companies. Rudy Giuliani used his role as President Trump's lawyer to try to win not just Ukrainian clients but Venezuelan ones.
E Global ADRs Report New Developments
This week there was earnings news from recent IPO Prosus as well as developments in Chinese. Latin American and European ADRs.
E Terrible Thursday On Wednesday!
The impeachment hearings begin today, but I have no time to watch them, nor any of the other world crises as we're having one of those busy days with a host of companies reporting. Here's your global stock roundup...
E Bullish Day Two
We have a corporate report from Deutschland and other big news from Israel plus items from Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa, Brazil, and the USA.
E No Memorial Today
Our sold stocks are crashing and our bought stocks climbing! We have reports from the USA, Japan, Israel, Denmark, and Canada, and that's only about pharmaceuticals. We also have exciting news about lung cancer, but some bad news from India...
E All Nighters
Sterling rose to nearly $1.29 per pound today, the highest YTD before falling back over DUP objections to only $1.2846.
E Markets Calm Down On Brexit And China Trade News
Two of the things terrifying markets looked somewhat more hopeful Friday as Brexit progresses and China agreed on a partial trade deal.
E A Busy Thursday
A roundup of global stock updates and my thoughts on the recent terror attack in Germany.
E Republican Hope
The US Congressional Budget Office, a strictly non-partisan body, expects that based on current trends, the US government's total deficit will rise to equal 95% of GDP by 2029.
E Columbus And Syria At Risk?
The hope for new China deals has boosted markets in Europe by 0.6 to 0.7%, but the Hang Seng index in Hong Kong is down 1.11% after another day of dissidence against the government and China.
E Self-Impeachment?
Wall Street is whistling in the dark in the hope of a further interest rate cut. I doubt the Federal Reserve votes are there for another US cut given that the economy is not (yet) weak outside the farm sector, retailing and autos.
1 to 16 of 501 Posts
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