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Vivian Lewis is editor and founder of, the daily blog newsletter for Americans and others seeking to internationalize their portfolios. She brings unique experience and competence to the business of picking foreign stocks.

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Market Selloff
In a U.S. market selloff, the strong performance of mostly foreign issues was impressive.
Thursday Happy Day
Today we had good news from lots of our shares.
Friday Stocks Update
Royal Dutch Shell rose again on its earnings but is still at a p/e ratio of under 11x earnings.
Oil Prices Fell
Oil prices fell after inventories turned out to be larger than expected.
Inflation Is The New Target
The Fed is now targeting inflation and the U.S. Treasury will start cutting its balance sheet in May.
Good And Bad Stock News
Microsoft is down because of an FTC investigation of its possible anti-competitive moves.
Sunday's Update
Some analysis, news and price reports and how to look at them profitably.
April Fool
Today China pushed its iron ore price to an 8 month high to help pay for pricey oil and gas.
Banned Diamonds
Pres. Biden plans to rap the oil reserve to lower gasoline prices by a million barrels per day for 180 mn barrels.
A Peace Deal?
The Dow is up on the hope of a peace deal over Ukraine from talks being held in Turkey.
Monday Markets News
Japanese Takeda TAK shares failed to thrive after its edema prevention drug was approved.
Friday Markets News
Methane leaks in the Permian Basin are 6 times higher than estimates.
Flood Helping Ukraine
Emerging markets are gaining as mature markets look risky.
Up On Bad News
Despite the plane crash in China, Boeing's stock is up today.
Lucky Day
Today Alleghany rose nearly 25% because it is being bought by Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett's fund.
World Markets News For Friday
Buoyant global markets are closing the week and one good performer, Vir Biotech, today gained an impressive 6.09%.
1 to 16 of 893 Posts
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