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Vivian Lewis is editor and founder of, the daily blog newsletter for Americans and others seeking to internationalize their portfolios. She brings unique experience and competence to the business of picking foreign stocks.

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E A Lot Of Worriers Out There
Moderately higher US jobless numbers surprised the market which expected unemployment to fall.
E Good News, Bad News
Stock markets are caught between two temptations, fear and trembling over uncertainties over economies, politics, and health, and FOMO, fear of missing out.
E Global Companies Sell-Offs
For really cheap foreign stocks you need to hit the ADR universe.
E Heavy Flows Into And Out Of Markets
Friday: a quadruple witching hour in US markets with stock and stock index options end for the month, and index and stock futures also ending for the quarter. This brings volatility.
E Go Global
Today we got modestly upbeat jobless numbers, 860,000 new applicants in August, vs 875,000 forecast. This is like a rounding error and markets are not making much of it.
E FOMO Trend Caught On
It is a normal reaction to a good day on Wall Street but the pattern usually ends with another reversal.
E Trigger-Happy Markets
Today we have a buy because I think the sell-off is unlikely to continue, despite a generally bearish outlook.
E International Stock Update
PM Boris Johnson is threatening to withdraw from the European Union without a deal unless the UK gets concessions. This has hurt British shares and sterling. Our largest ADR holdings are British.
E Selloff Day Two
One reason for the rally failing is that we face a 3-day weekend. Another is the revelation of who lost the most on Thursday.
E Market Lesson “Never Say Never”
The most highly valued tech companies are lower today as people are taking profits or panicking at evaluations.
E Wednesday Market Review
As usual, there is good and bad news from our companies, and as usual with drug-makers in the lead.
E Fantastic Funds
Today we started a new month which led to all sorts of moves, particularly closed-end and exchange-traded among the funds we cover.
E Profiting From Warren Buffett
Buffett's new stake in five Japanese trading groups earned me a tidy profit. Meanwhile GSK and its partner Vir have begun enrolling people for the Comet-ICE antibody trial in phase II-III which expects to see results by the end of this year.
E Friday Market Review - Friday, August 28
In July, the PMI was barely positive at 50.9, and the forecast was a mere 51.9 for this month. Unsurprisingly, input cost inflation was also at its high since January of 2019. The rise in input costs hints that inflation is with us again.
E Cheap Money Hurt The US Dollar And Foreign Stocks
The virtual Jackson Hole conference today heard from Fed head Jerome Powell who said that the US central bank would probably be keeping interest rates low for the next 5 years even if inflation is higher than 2%.
E Market Review For Wednesday, August 26
Teva Pharmaceutical responded to news that a Philadelpha federal grand jury returned a criminal indictment charging Teva's US sub with 3 counts of antitrust violations under the Sherman Act.
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