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Vivian Lewis is editor and founder of, the daily blog newsletter for Americans and others seeking to internationalize their portfolios. She brings unique experience and competence to the business of picking foreign stocks.

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E A No-Investing Day
Macro-economics matters. Now foreign buyers (both banks and central banks) are scant and scarce because they can deposit money into the Fed's “repo” program which pays the overnight rate.
E Colombian Stock Winner: Tecnoglass, Inc.
Tecnoglass, Inc. raised full-year 2019 growth outlook for total revenue and adjusted EBITDA.
Whistle Blowers
US activist investor “Muddy Waters” turned his attention to a UK litigation financier, Burford Capital, listed on the London AIM. As a result Burford lost 50% of its value yesterday. Also, Britain faces a constitutional crisis.
E Global Stocks Roundup
Given the turbulence in air travel here after Jet Airways crashed in April and grounded its 124 planes, (after Kingfisher did last year) the air booking growth heralds good health for MMYT, our latest stock pick. Plus more on global stocks.
Globally, the stock of negative-yielding debt crossed a record $13 billion on Thursday. This represents 26% of global sovereign debt supply and 15.3% of nominal worldwide gross domestic product for 2018.
E American Depositary Receipts
The medical devices firm Smith & Nephew pondered creating an ADR listing in order to pay their new CEO Narnal Nawana a higher salary than would have been tolerated by UK shareholders. And more on global stocks.
E Global Markets, Global News
While it is not good news, there is now confirmation that recession fears are not just a passing blip on the stock market radar.
E Stagflation?
Yesterday the market decided to get back into technology and telecoms, recycling, energy, drugs, Canada, China, and Mexico.
Headwinds For Global Investing
Market pricing is the sacred cow of modern day investment theory and economic order—and performance.
La France Profonde
Markets today are back in recuperation mode overall, with exceptions among the companies which have been reporting dud figures for 2018 or recent quarters. We have one (Vodafone) from Britain today.
E Closed-End Funds And Stocks
Closed-end funds tend to be less volatile than single stocks—but not today.
E The Market For Non-US Stocks Is Moderately Upbeat
Non-US stocks are moderately upbeat, helped by the theory that some of the impasses the US and other economies have fallen into are intolerable.
E New Stock Buy And Sells
Both the US and Britain face government stalemates which would have been unthinkable in the last century.
E Aie De Mim! The Day After All That Fun
It is another weird day on the stock markets, with the huge rise on Wall Street propelling foreign markets upward for a while but then reality hit.
E Nothing Is Calm, Nothing Is Bright
Yesterday the sell-off continued but at a more moderate pace, down about 2%.
E Golden Oldies
More about my golden oldie portfolio of venerable tech stocks.
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