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E Dreary Day
Another dreary day and a renewed boost for cryptocurrency - and away from the classic inflation hedge, gold.
E Happy Friday
The inflation risk is being ignored by the US market now that there will probably not be a tax increase and may be higher prices for longer.
E Unheeding Markets
Markets today are excessively unheeding of new inflation data, hitting records despite US inflation levels not seen since 2008.
E Wednesday News And Catch-Up
Today the US market resumed its attempt to hit a new record for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, but not the DJIA.
E Juvenile Investing Mob
Tech stocks did well in Europe but not in the US. The data are unconvincing.
E FDA Surprise
The big news out of China is that its import purchases of copper and iron sagged last month because its export markets are far less strong than earlier this year.
E A Better Switch
Today the US market decided to rise because President Biden is pondering not linking his infrastructure project to a corporate tax increase.
E Fan Hit
The 10-yr US treasury yield rose to 1.6% again. Later in the day, a rally was attempted, mostly for the meme shares.
E Wonder Products
Meme is alive and well.
E A Catch-Up Day
OPEC had a virtual meeting about rising demand for oil and rising demand that oil companies cut their carbon footprint.
E More Inflationary Pressures
Friday we saw more evidence of inflationary pressures from the personal consumption index hitting 3.1% in April.
E New New Deal Worries
Nio is up 1.4% today on another round of Meme buying.
E Good Times For Gold
Gold is rising some more, in part as an alternative to crypto.
E Sterling At Five-Year High
Today markets are mixed because of currency factors, with sterling bullishness against the dollar and the euro.
E American Express Attitude On A Monday
American Express is a kind of company whose stock I do not want to own, even if it is a big winner so far in 2021 and up over 45% in the past year, and despite its 1.1% dividend.
E Worldwide Upbeat
The US crackdown on cryptocurrencies continues with the Fed today indicating that an official crypto-currency is going to be created for the USA.
1 to 16 of 728 Posts
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