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E Ten Plagues
As of Friday, most markets are continuing their downturn over the plague of Covid-19 as new large and small outbreaks hit in more countries. There are locusts devouring east African crops. California and Australia suffered hail and firestorms.
Diagnosis And Cure Of Cancer
A global group has just completed a comprehensive dataset of all cancer genomes, which will greatly improve diagnosis and treatment.
E Back In Red Ink
It's a terrible Thursday with so much uncertainty in the air. Between the Coronavirus, the Trump impeachment, and which Democrat will be a presidential contender, it can be harder than ever to find the right stocks to buy. But I'm here to help...
E Martin Luther King Day Stock Reports
A very strong currency today was the Japanese yen, a reaction to the slow-down in China's growth to barely over 6% and the mounting worries about the latest coronavirus from Wuhan.
Fintech Cyber Attacks
It now appears that cyberattacks were responsible for shut downs of major marketplaces during the late summer of last year.
E Dogs Of War
Unleashing the dogs of war has led to commodity price rises, not just for the most-watched oil prices, but also for copper, palladium, platinum, and the barbaric relic, gold, along with non-relic bitcoin.


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Ten Plagues
3 days ago

to some extent that was also the case for Moses. But I am not going to do biblical prophesy. today I am writing about my first relatives in lockdown, my neice's parents in Turin. this thing is not reall a joke any more and the stock market is showing its fear Monday

Best & Worst ADRs - Monday, Feb. 17
9 days ago

I cannot figure out how his ratings are derived

Our 2020 Outlook And The Coronavirus
1 month ago

one is still above our basis, NIO; while and Beigene is down because of non-corona virus concerns. please visit www.global-investing.com to learn ore about our service. It is currently impossible for tech reasons at seekingalpha for me to offer a link so it is up to you


Fintech Cyber Attacks
1 month ago

yes but in fact it is a pain in the butt when your brokerage account locks you out because you are visiting relatives in Britain even though you know your ID and password--just as a precaution of course. so you have to phone long distance on your sister-in-law's phone to clear it up and that makes you a bad guest. this is based on my experience. most cyber security interventions are stupid.


4 months ago

The 1968 riots at Columbia University were allowed to continue until the students had fallen out among themselves over violence. I guess a campus is more obviously a place to support free speech than Wall Street but both of them need to be criticized from time to time for their own good. Columbia U is in Manhattan.

In this article: MSFT
Seasonal Trading Patterns For The World's Biggest Economies
11 months ago

This is an example of the post hoc ergo prompter hoc fallacy. it's not that simple

which of course is a shame. Moreover the funds listed may not be the best way to get the trend for the foreign market in question. There are more than fund flows within the country which account for market moves, alas.

In this article: S
The World’s Weird Self-Organizing Economy
1 year ago

in energy statistics the past is prologue but doesn't determine outcomes. as technology improves developing countries CAN get electricity without carbon, for example in countries with lots of sun. We have a pick in India. And in western countries too even with oil prices falling it is not hard to fine alterrnative energy plays.

Daily Stock Pick: Invesco Ltd. (IVZ)
1 year ago

the stock selection business is under a cloud as investors buy index funds. the author and many analysts he quotes are optimistic based on earlier investing methods, but we need to be told why we are going back to them, if he believes this. It could be argued that the market volatility and downtrend in late 2018 will lead to a recovery for stock-picking, but that will require more than just quoting some figures subject to change from analysts covering Invesco

In this article: IVZ
We Called It: Benitec Common Stock Up 104.5%; Warrants Doubled
1 year ago

I am very proud of having stuck to my guns

In this article: BNTC
Global Investing: Oh Cannabis
1 year ago

if it works it will be wonderful. It sounds icky to put a tiny drug feed into the eyeball but it is a way to deliver the medication where needed. I wrote about its great performance to boost my newsletter subscriber base but none of my foreign picks this year to date have done as well

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Our 2020 Outlook And The Coronavirus
Our 2020 outlook and that of lots of other pundits failed to spot a great unknown risk to world economies, another virus outbreak in China.
I accurately predicted the market selloff from the new highly contagious Chinese corona virus. It is not much fun being proven right in this fashion.
Finnish shares are the most disappointing in the world, perhaps because the country's very name breathes negativism, "finish". That was true of both our shares from Helsinki today.
Risks Of Medication
Thanks to everyone who wrote or prayed for my husband after my emergency this morning. Also news on Boris Johnson, President Trump and Ross Perot.
Czar Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Today's Financial Times had an amazing interview with Vladimir Putin in which he decided that classical liberalism was “obsolete” and no longer needed.
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More info on the December settlement.
Sunday File
I just posted the performance tables on www.global-investing.com, which show nice gains with an unfortunate consequence, that our yield portfolio lost two decent pay-out entities last week, a bond that was called and a stock that was taken over.
We Called It: Benitec Common Stock Up 104.5%; Warrants Doubled
I have written regularly about Benitec and encouraged my subscribers to invest. Today Benitec common stock rose 104.5% in Australia and I'm happy to report its warrants also doubled. Axovant went up 18% premarket.

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