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I am retired apart from managing family investments - mostly equities. I live near Zürich, Switzerland. I keep physically fit by walking and mentally fit by writing mostly on philosophy, economics and politics. My writing is sometimes published internationally.

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Oil And Gas And ... Edelweiss?
Despite a lack of the physical assets, Switzerland is home to some of the world leaders in oil and gas trading and midstream assets.
MasTec In The Connected Age
US infrastructure is decayed and overburdened. New technologies are expanding rapidly into all aspects of our lives and need connecting communications infrastructure. MasTec is in a prime position to benefit from the investments that are required.
A Tax For All Reasons
I have suggested that the Fed convert student loans into property bonds, but as I doubt the Fed is able to broaden its way of acting, the student loan problem will likely remain unless other solutions are found.


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Daily Stock Pick: DCP Midstream
1 month ago

Good article, thank you. I had not heard of DCP before and will now take a closer look

In this article: DCP
Electric Vehicle And Battery Metal News (November 2018)
1 month ago

Interesting article with many facts but see in no country answers to the power supply questions I raised in this article

How To Invest In Stocks
1 month ago

Good article, James

In this article: AAPL, AMZN, NFLX, FB, GOOGL, UAA
Oil And Gas Take Center Stage
2 months ago

Good article. I would welcome views on which companies to invest in as my choices including WMB have not done well. OKE is one of the few good ones that I have

In this article: AMLP, WMB, XLE
Electric Vehicle And Battery Metal News
2 months ago

Interesting article but a question I keep asking goes unanswered. Where is the power coming from to recharge all these EVs in the US and Europe, maybe elsewhere too. The existing power infrastructure is old, overloaded with existing demand and there is no way it can cope with all this new demand.

British Shale Revolution Crushed: America’s Unique Ownership Of Oil And Gas
3 months ago

Interesting article. You mention Britain importing LNG from Russia last winter. Did you know that Boston in the US did too? Sounds crazy but I suppose the craziness is home grown and the Jones Act prevents non US built ships doing coastal work and there are no US built LNG carriers.

Also I doubt that a hard Brexit will stop electricity from crossing borders because last winter France - not a lover of Britain - had to import some from Britain.

Why Is The Weakness In GBP/USD Likely?
3 months ago

Interesting article. I live in Switzerland but have most of my investments in US equities so watch the movements closely. I have also watched the pound over the longer term, not against the USD but against the German DM when that existed. In 1960 the exchange rate was GBP 1 = DM 12. If the DM existed today it would be GDP 1= DM 2 or thereabouts. Looking ahead I see no reason why that decline will not continue. James

In this article: GBBEF
Oil And Gas And ... Edelweiss?
3 months ago

I know there are some super companies in Israel - many listed on the Nasdaq - and plenty of money but did not know about milk too. I think I will stick with our alpine stuff... James

In this article: OKE, BCKDY
Next Points For Oil Bears
3 months ago

Excellent article Nadia. I do not invest directly in oil and gas as commodities but do in companies that get partly influenced by what happens to the prices of those. I had an article published this week on two of my favourites among those that I hope you might find interesting. James

In this article: OILB, UCO
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