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I am retired apart from managing family investments - mostly equities. I live near Zürich, Switzerland. I keep physically fit by walking and mentally fit by writing mostly on philosophy, economics and politics. My writing is sometimes published internationally.

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The Euro Is In Crash Territory
The EU has long been in need of reform and now it maybe too late.
Five Power And Pollution Disrupters
Pollution threatens all of mankind. Paradoxically, pollution and increasing energy demand also provide excellent investment opportunities.
Oil And Gas And ... Edelweiss?
Despite a lack of the physical assets, Switzerland is home to some of the world leaders in oil and gas trading and midstream assets.
MasTec In The Connected Age
US infrastructure is decayed and overburdened. New technologies are expanding rapidly into all aspects of our lives and need connecting communications infrastructure. MasTec is in a prime position to benefit from the investments that are required.
A Tax For All Reasons
I have suggested that the Fed convert student loans into property bonds, but as I doubt the Fed is able to broaden its way of acting, the student loan problem will likely remain unless other solutions are found.
1 to 5 of 5 Posts