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Dr Steinbock is CEO and founder of DifferenceGroup. He is an internationally recognized expert of the multipolar world. He focuses on international business, international relations, investment and risk among the major advanced economies and large ...more


US Tech War Against China Is Unwarranted And Self-Destructive
US President Biden’s expanded technology war is bad news to American business, financial giants, high-tech and consumers. Over time, it will penalize Asian recovery and global economic prospects.
How A Weaponized Dollar Is Internationalizing The Yuan
The multipolarization of the global reserve currency system is accelerating. Ironically, Western sanctions against Russia have intensified the move away from the US dollar.
The Odd Track-record Of The International Criminal Court
The ICC wants to probe ex-President Duterte’s drug war. The Philippines government rejects the effort. Whose justice does ICC represent?
China's Rebound Will Be Positive For World Economy, Offset Fed Risks
China’s reopening will impact prices, but it is not an inflation risk. It reflects an impressive domestic rebound, great regional opportunity and significant global spillovers.
The Year Of Living Dangerously: Global Economic Prospects At A Turning Point
The year 2023 represents a turning point. If economic realities guide global prospects, it will be a positive turnaround. If geopolitics will continue to penalize economic prospects, a negative inflection point is more likely.
Chinese Economy Eyes Reform, Opening-Up And Turnaround In 2023
After a year of domestic economic volatility and international turmoil, China is focused on economic growth this year. And that means the country will further deepen reform and expand opening-up.


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In a broad interview with Iran’s leading international news agency and international daily, Dr Steinbock takes a critical look at the at the new US Sanctions Act in light of the multilateral accord among US, Germany, UK, France, Russia and China.
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After the bizarre 2016 election, America will face a slate of investigations, political war of attrition in Washington and a new Cold War. The real fight begins after the election - which could be contested.

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