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Dr Steinbock is CEO and founder of DifferenceGroup. He is an internationally recognized expert of the multipolar world. He focuses on international business, international relations, investment and risk among the major advanced ... more


Bracing For Contraction And Debt Crisis
Since inadequate preparedness prevailed in Europe until recently, the consequent pandemic will cast a prolonged, dark shadow over the regionwide economy – starting with the contraction, followed by the debt crisis.
Europe’s Coronavirus Contraction - From Missed Opportunities To Virus Escalation
Today, the number of confirmed cases in Europe is more than four times as high as in China. It wasn’t an inevitable scenario. It is the result of complacency, inadequate preparedness and missed opportunities.
The Coming Global Coronavirus Contraction
Despite China’s success in containment, the novel coronavirus is exploding in the US and Europe. The contraction will shake economies, politics and governments worldwide.
The Coronavirus Contraction - Only Cooperation Can Defeat The Impending Global Crisis
Despite China’s success in containment, the novel coronavirus is exploding outside China, due to complacency and inadequate preparedness.
Containing The Coronavirus: Chinese Lessons
Despite containment in China, international response against the coronavirus has been lagging. So, what can be learned from the Chinese experience?
Virus Outbreak At Crossroads? Impact On ASEAN
The virus outbreak is showing possible signs of steadying, although the number of accumulated cases will continue to rise. The economic impact on the ASEAN depends on the outbreak’s duration and severity.


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